Trainingcourse HQU Turku [2003-11-15]

A training course was kept in "Folkhälsans" place in the central part of Åbo the weekend 15-16 November. A training course is open only for those who have earlier participated in a basic Hold Qi Up course. As the name indicates, you practise more in the training course than in the basic course.

European Zhineng Qigong Center has had activities in Åbo and in Pargas, a suburb to Åbo for some years now. Margó from "Folkhälsan" in Åbo who invited us to arrange a course. During these years many have had the chance here to learn Hold Qi Up. There are training groups Pargas and another one will start again in Åbo.

20 persons participated. Some have parcticed for more than one year and other have just participated in a basic course and practised a few months. You can already read the stories of Jeanette and Monica on our site. They have both received and still get big help from the training. Their life quality has obviously improved. Another woman who participated, who's life dramatically has improved after peracticing Hold Qi Up with us will tell her story in our site within shortly. Also the other course participants told us about the importance of the training for their higher life quality. Summing up the course, a woman told us that it was good to get help to correct some errors she had made when practising at home alone. After participating in the basic course two years ago, she has only practised by herself. She also told us that she was very tired when she arrived on Saturday as she had slept very little during night. Still she was not tired at all on Saturday after the course, on the contrary she had more energy to play with her grandchildren than she usually had. She also said that as soon as we started to practise La Qi she could immediately feel Qi in her whole body. Another woman told us that she felt her situation like she has got her life back. During this half year practising, after the basic course in Hangö in June, she has among other things solved her her back problems.

During Spring there will be at least two courses in Pargas. Perhaps there will be no course in central Åbo during Spring but in that case there will be one in the Autumn instead. Also in the other parts of Finland interest raise for our courses. We are open to come to your place or to your company. Contact us and we will find a solution.


Lars Hagner