Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2004-02-07]

It was a big interest before the weekend course, many new participants and those who wished top repeat. Almost 60 persons joined the course, and still the were about 10 more persons that we unfortunately could not accept due to lack of space in the hall.

Our Zhineng Qigong courses generates in a natural way new participants as they are satisfied with the results reached and bring their family members and friends. Or someone close to the participant notices the improvements and get interested. In this course we had some good examples e.g. three family generations grandmother, mother - who was repeating - and daughter who was a beginner.

It is positive that so many of our summer course participants also comes to the week end courses in Gothenburg. They act in a good way as coaches for the beginners together with us teachers and also contribute to raise the motivation as they talk about their own experiences and results from practising. The February course was no exception, the newcomers were well taken care of and participated with life and spirit in the weekend activities and were motivated to continue to practise.

Participants comments

"I joined very much thanks to that my partner had talked to a friend of ours who has talked herself warm for Zhineng Qigong, that has given her very much. I was in the beginning a little bit sceptical, because I have tried Qigong earlier at an occasion. That form was quite different - it was based on breathing. My back felt very good this weekend. I have got scoliosis and I can feel that my back has got more mobility. So I have felt very great."

"It is my second weekend course, I participated in one in the Autumn and since then I have practised almost every day. I have an inflammation in my nerve system. Up to September I got worse and then in October I joined the course. After October I have hade big changes in the right direction. And I can compare my state during this course with the October course. In October I stood all the time but had to sit down and rest before each practise. I often stood very broad with my legs and I could not close my eyes. This course I have been standing with my legs at about one dm distance and I can close my eyes. I notice that my balance has gone much, much better. My inflammation is in the small brain, and I also have coordination problems. My small movements in arms and hands have also become much, much better. I am unbelievably much better now than in October and very much better than last Summer."

"For various reasons, I just wanted to test this method. But the utmost reason was that I had difficulties to sleep, I always stress, and I am worried. Today in fact I feel very calm. I have not had that feeling since long. And I have slept last night too, and I will definitely continue to practise."

And finally we end with Carina Lindblom about whom you can read in her personal story in Results: "I participated in my first Summer course directly after my first weekend course, and that is when I got rid of all my colds that I have had almost all my life. As usual it has been a good course, really good."


Elisabeth Öberg