Hold Qi up Ljungby [2004-02-21]

During almost four years we have had courses in the Ljungby hospital. It is the employees in an open nursing ward department, mostly dealing with stressed patients that arrange courses. The courses are open for everybody, patients as well as employees. After the course the patients can participate in groups at the hospital. The employees have group training in the evening once a week.

The weekend 21-22 February 28 persons participated, whereof 15 for the first time. The commitment and the enthusiasm was big. They taught fast and results were obvious. Here are some examples of what the participants told us after the course:

"When we practised Hold Qi Up I could feel an inner calmness."

"Before I always had urinary infection and often had to eat penicillin. After my first course in August last year the problems disappeared and I have not needed more penicillin at all!"

"I feel much stronger, both physically and mentally. I can handle difficulties much better today than before I started to practise Qigong."


Lars Hagner