Hold Qi up Hangö [2004-06-12]

For the second consecutive year Hangö Summer University, connected to Åbo Akademi University, arranged a basic course in Hold Qi Up. This year, too, the turnout was good. A total of 35 people participated, of which the majority were beginners. Some had taken the course in Hangö a year ago and now repeated it to refresh their knowledge in Zhineng Qigong.

Hangö is located in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland and the course was give n in Swedish. The interest in our activities is increasing in Finland and in the not too distant future we will probably give courses also in the Finnish speaking parts of Finland.

Hold Qi Up in Hangö

The participants own comments

Below follows an excerpt of the participants' accounts from the course.

"I've been very angry lately, which is very unlike me. When I looked myself in the mirror after the course on Saturday, I saw my nice self again. I slept very well that night."

"I thought that my body feeling stiff every morning is just a part of getting older. I have a physically demanding job and normally find it hard to get up in the morning. This morning I got out of bed immediately, took five steps before I turned in astonishment to look at the bed and wonder how I could have managed that without any pain. I could not believe it was true. Now I feel elastic and soft like a rubber band. After the course yesterday I started laughing without any reason, and almost had to bite my tongue not to laugh out loud."

"I thought I'd never learn to stand up. I'm very happy"

"This is my third course. I find that my ability concentrate has improved, and my brain feels more ordered. I also feel like I physically have more power and energy. I get things done effortlessly and without stress."

"I feel calmer and more focused nowadays. I have not needed any medication for my pollen allergy during this weekend."

"Four years ago, when I started, I suffered from many different ailments. I would have a flu at least twice a month. I suffered from travel sickness and had been diagnosed with depression. I had taken a fall and ruptured my skull. I also had skin cancer. Now, four years later, amazingly many things have happened. It hasn't come for free, I've had to practise a lot. Especially on the mental level there has been great improvement."

"Especially my ability to concentrate has improved. I can keep calm at work. My health has also improved. I used to take antibiotics 2-3 times a year for my sinuses, ears etc., but now I don't need antibiotics at all."

"I'm very satisfied with the course, and so I was already yesterday. Then I was very energetic and did things that I hadn't got around to doing before."


Lars Hagner