Hold Qi up Stockholm [2004-03-06]

All participants - half of them beginners - appreciated the course. The beginners felt like the body got softer and a woman who was very tired when she arrived, felt alert in the afternoon. Those who were more experiensed felt that they got a lot of Qi. One participant felt that relaxation got deeper and felt differently. Some felt that they could concentrate better. One woman got obvious results during the last training session:

"About four weeks ago I was hit by a car at a crossing place and got injuries in my knees, and ligaments in my legs. I participated in the wintercourse last week and got an obvious improvement, e.g. in my leg an inflammation disappeared. This time I was more concerned about my neck that also had pain and stiffness after the accident. Before the last training session we could wish ourselves a reslut and I wished improvements in my neck. And after the training the neck had improved, and I am most grateful and a little bit surprised.

Hold Qi up in Stockholm


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen