Hold Qi up Kungsör [2004-03-06]

During the weekend 6-7 March the first level 1 Hold Qi Up course was carried through in Kungsör. Ulrika, who earlier lived in Stockholm and participated in many of our courses and trainings initiated this course.

Ulrika has had big improvements and now she longed for a possibility to practise in a group again. The intension is that they now will meet and practise together every week. They have already started to plan and look forward to next course, hopefully in autumn.

The atmosphere was happy and harmonical. A woman who participated for the first time had many physical ailments. She said that her muscles were stressed. In the beginning she often had to sit down due to pain and cramps in her legs. Arriving on Sunday the first thing she said was: "I have slept well and my muscles don't feel so stressed any longer". She hopes to start to work soon again after some time on the sick-list.

Hold Qi up in Kungsör


Carina Holmström