HQU 2 Mariehamn [2004-03-13]

For many years we have had Hold Qi Up level 1 courses in Mariehamn in Åland. Many use our training to influence their life quality. They practise alone at home or together in our training groups. The weekend 13-14 March they also got a chance to participate in Hold Qi Up 2. Most of the participants have practised for some years, others have practised shorter time.

A general impression after the course is that the participants seem to have reached a higher understanding that Hold Qi Up and Qigong is much more than only movements and that there is so much to learn. Some participants said that the higher understanding motivates to more training and that is fun.

Comments from the Participants.

A participant who has practised for some years said afterwards that she experienced the course as a deepening of insights she got at the summer course. She could again get some of the feelings she had when she was a child, feelings of joy and happiness not experienced since then. Another participant who studies music feels that her hands and fingers are warm again. She said that her piano teacher also had made comments on that. She no longer needed finger gloves with cut off fingers when playing the piano.


Lars Hagner