Hold Qi up Pargas [2004-02-07]

Twice a year there is a course in Pargas that always attracts between 20 – 30 participants both beginners and experienced practitioners. The participants were pleased with the course and their results. Here are some comments from the participants:

Pargas Feb 2004"When I practise regularly with the group on Mondays my neck does not become stiff, as it does when I don't practise. This course was nice".

"Hold Qi up is very beautiful. The only thing I missed in the course was that I would have wanted to just sit and watch when everybody else was training. The course was intensive and well planned for beginners, since there were many repetitions".

"This was a nice course both for me and my unborn baby. The baby didn't kick as much as usual. On Saturday I have felt more alert than for a long time".


Arne Nordgren