Hold Qi up Karlstad [2004-05-15]

The participants consisted of approximately fifty percent beginners and repeating students. Several of the participants had joined the practising group that was started after the last Hold qi up-course in Karlstad. Some persons had experienced improvements after the last course and others got results during this course. Some comments from the participants follows below.

Residents of Karlstad practicing Hold Qi up

Comments from the participants

"I can feel a difference from yesterday. Today (Sunday) my balance is better and several movements are easier to do. Many things have happened in my body."

"I have not practised Qigong before and tought that it was awkward when we were supposed to put our feet together since I am knock-kneed. But now I can actually put my feet together, something I couldn't do before."

"After the course on Saturday I slept better than I've done for several years."

"Before I have suffered from back-pains but today I haven't felt anything in my back. After I joined the last course in Karlstad I have become mentally stronger. I feel more energetic and my will is stronger wich enables me to deal with difficulties. As an example I have started to deal with my weight problems and reduced my bodyweight by 8 kg since the course in January."

"On Saturday after the course I played some golf. I noticed then that my shoulder and fingers felt very soft."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen