Hold Qi up Kvinnherad [2004-03-20]

Toward the end of March it was time for Kvinnherad to have the Hold Qi Up course which they have every term. There is always a nice atmosphere on the Weekend Courses and the participants confirm this, some of them having practised a long time with fine results.

“Previously – before I practised ZQ – I also had problems with pain in my lumbar area and today I got this stinging pain travelling down my legs, but that didn´t stop me from doing the movements. The best thing about the courses is that you get your movements corrected so that they always get a little better, and it´s nice to practise together with the others and, last but not least, to get to meet everybody. It was very nice to join the course".

“I had a very reasonable number of reactions on this course, I´ve been sweating, well, a lot has happened. So it was a fine course".

“I think it was a very good course – as usual – I feel Qi very strongly and that confirms that "it´s good to be here".


Patrik Rastija