Xiao Gongfa Gothenburg [2004-03-13]

On 13 March there was a 3-hour IT-Gong course in Gothenburg and this time all of the participants had previously joined our courses in Hold Qi Up and Shenxin Qigong and most of them had also joined a Summer Course. For some of them it was the first IT-Gong course and several had repeated it several times because they find it gives them such great benefit.

“Today it was very rewarding, it felt as if these exercises were just what I needed for my neck and the right side of my body. When we bent the head down I started to get this stinging and tingling sensation in my right arm, all the way out through my fingers. My entire right side has been very stiff, even my face, so those eye movements were a very good thing for me".

“I like these exercises a lot and I do some of them every day in addition to the ordinary ZQ training, and also it´s always nice to be in the Qi field. Oh yes, I´ve felt a lot of Qi today, the temperature going up and down and a stinging sensation all over my body. It was very rewarding".

“From what I´ve noticed today – spending that much time sitting still as we did would usually make my hands turn very cold – is that I don´t get problems with this but rather the opposite, it makes me soaking wet".

IT-Gong is an exceptionally good method to use even if you practise the main methods. The seemingly minor but very effective exercises are a good way to do maintenance on you body and mind during work hours and to counteract the strain and slouch which occur during the day.


Patrik Rastija