Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2004-03-06]

There were mostly new participants at the Helsingborg Weekend Course and several of them were surprised, having expected a weekend with soft movements but not that Qigong would give such effects. They got results on various problems such as, for instance, the neck and shoulders and most of them were set on continuing their training to find out what they can get out of further training.

“I felt very unused to standing still like that and trying to relax. But it worked surprisingly well. I feel positive and a little surprised".

“This was my second course in Hold Qi Up and I have a general sense of well-being. EZQ has given me very much help since I have a very stressful job and so it´s very good to be calm when arriving at my job after having done Hold Qi Up in the morning".

“I have done this for two yeas by now and I think it´s really nice to repeat courses. What I noticed directly after having started training was that my colds disappeared rather quickly, my body became softer and last Autumn I discovered that my feet aren´t sweaty anymore".


Patrik Rastija