Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2004-05-08]

The second week of May saw the second Weekend Course in Hold Qi Up in Gothenburg. As usual on our courses there was a wide range of age groups among the participants, and those who were new thought this was encouraging. During the weekend there were good results among both new and seasoned participants, and we will list a few of them:

“Six and a half weeks ago I fell on my skis and I fractured one of my shoulder joints. Yesterday when we started I couldn´t raise both of my arms straight over my head – Now I´m able to get them both up. On the whole it hurts much less when I move it now".

“I suffer from slipped discs, in three places in my neck and also in my lumbar area. I have difficulty bending my head backward, and I can´t turn it far enough sideways. I think there has been a lot happening already. It felt quite good during the weekend and my back has actually become softer, and I´m able to do certain things I didn´t think I could. I think it feels great, so I´ll continue and I´ll try to practise".

“I have problems with my neck, and also my stomach, and my knees, which don´t function quite properly. And I can feel that that part of my back…there´s something happening there. I have already felt that my body is more flexible, and I´m actually surprised, because my right arm, which was very stiff, that it follows the movements so well. It´s very exciting. I know that several of my colleagues are interested and now I´ll get home and spread this information".


Max Björkström