TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Stockholm [2004-04-29]

During 4 days we had a course consisting of 2 days Acupoint TuiNa and 2 days Wei Tuo Jin. Approximately half of the participants were beginners. The participants tought that it was fun for Qigongstudents to learn more about meredians and also to learn a different Qigong exercise. Even though they like Hold Qi up and Shenxin Qigong it is fun to get some variation. Several of the participants expressed that the Qigongpractise was very powerful. The participants own words about their experiences of the course follows below.


The students are practicing TuiNa

"I have joined the TuiNa-course before and have been able to help several of my friends with their health problems. I feel very good about that."

"I have helped several persons with shoulderproblems, whiplash, colds and other problems. The results have been very good. It feels good to be able to use my TuiNa and Qigongpractise to help others."

"I have used TuiNa to treat myself and one particular point makes it easier for me to make decisions."

"I think it is very interesting to learn more about meredians and Qi. During the TuiNa-part of the course my arms got more flexible. I noticed this when I practised Qigong during the evening."

"When I woke up yesterday mornining my body felt (just as usual) sore and stiff, except the shoulder that had been treated with TuiNa!"

Wei Tuo Jin

Wei Tuo Jin in Stockholm

"I practise Wei Tuo Jin every morning and have done so for about a year and a half now. After about a month I noticed very clearly that I felt mentally stronger. I started to deal with things that felt too difficult before. Earlier I could stay in bed some days because I couldn’t deal with certain things, but now I can handle the difficulties. After more that one year of practise I feel much stronger physically as well as mentally."

"I have an old shoulder injury and have participated in ordinary weekendcourses before. During this course I got very clear results. I am able to lift my arm much better that before and I am surprised that I could get this good results in just two days."

"Usually I feel difficult to bend forwards since I have received a Cervical spine surgery. I am surprised that I even dared to try to bend my body, but that I actually was able to do so at the same time as I turned my body is unbelievable!"

"When I practise Qigong my hands usually get warm. The more Qi I get the warmer my hands usualy get. During this course they were extremely warm all the time. They felt like two flat-irons."


About one week after the course one of the participants wrote this:

"I persuaded a sceptical friend with intense shoulder pains to get a TuiNa treatment. For more than a week he had suffered from pains in one of his shoulders and sometimes he could not lift his arm. I used the shoulder program once and the pains disappeared immediately. The day after his pains hadn't come back and he felt no difference whatsoever between his shoulders. After that he wasn't sceptical anymore and now he will join a Qigong-course..."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen