HQU 2 Pargas [2004-04-24]

This was the first Hold Qi Up 2 course held in Pargas. The practitioners were all very happy about the course and the deepened understanding of Qigong, Qi and Hold Qi Up that they had received. Some of them actually asked if we could not continue for a few more days. Here is what some of the participants told us at the end of the course.

"On Wednesday evening I decided to join the course – I really felt that I needed the course. And now I sit here completely relaxed."

"I have been operated on my back three times in short time due to instability. Now I have been practising 70 minutes per day and I have got real improvements. I can move in a new way and I can participate in activities in a way that has not been possible before. Earlier I could not understand why some participated again and again in the same course, but now I have also discovered that it is a good thing to participate in courses between the big summer courses, to get more improvements in short time".

"I have had cramp attacks in my stomach for a long time but on Sunday it disappeared and now I have got a pumping feeling in my front part of the body".

"I have been working hard at home and when I came here my body was in bad condition with pain in knees, back. Saturday I was tired. Now on Sunday, my body feels very light and I am alert, calm and in harmony".


Arne Nordgren