HQU 2 Gothenburg [2004-03-27]

The weekend of 27 to 28 March saw a course in Hold Qi Up, Level 2 in Gothenburg. Some of the participants got tangible results and they thought the teaching was interesting.

Four days before the course one of the participants had a skiing accident, resulting in a fracture to one of his shoulder joints. At the beginning of the course he could only manage to raise his arm some four inches or so, but on the second day of the course he felt much better. Then he was able to lift his arm almost level with his shoulder, and he felt very anxious to hear what his doctor would have to say about his progress on his next visit to the hospital.

Another participant also had a skiing accident. That was a few years ago and one of her vertebrae was fractured. On the first day of the course she had a reaction which felt like a tender bruise in the same area as the vertebra. By the next day the tenderness had disappeared.

The participants found the new things in the teaching interesting, the corrections of the execution of the exercises was good and it was easier to relax deeply with the help of what they learned on Hold Qi Up, Level 2.


Elisabeth Öberg