Wintercourse SXQ (5 d) Bollnäs [2004-02-24]

Practicing at the wintercourse The second wintercourse in Shenxin Qigong took place in Bollnäs, 23rd to 29th of Februari. The wintercourse started with a basic two-days course, followed by the five-days wintercourse. About 60 people from Sweden, Norway and Finland gathered to participate in the course. Some of them had participated in the wintercourse last year or had practised qigong for a long time, others had just practised for a couple of months.

The news this year was that more time was spent on Three Centre Merge, which was appreciated by the participants, and a little time on Hold Qi Up. This was a good combination of exercises according to the participants.

The participants gained good results from the training. A woman, suffering from Fibromyalgia, discovered that the pain disappeared already after one day of practise. Normally this woman experienced a lack of energy but here she felt well and filled with energy. A lot of people said that during the course they got more flexible in their bodies, and were more energetic. Some people also discovered that it was easier to practise Hold Qi Up: It was easier to bend down, to put the hands on the feet, turn the body etc.

The mental effects from the course were good according to the answers from the evaluation form. Stress, depression and a lack of energy are increasing problems during the winter. Here follows a diagram, showing how many percents of the participants who got better in these aspects:

Percentage of the participants that experienced improvements

People were very well taken care of in Bollnäs, which contributed to the good atmosphere. The picture below shows the overall impression: Happy, energetic participants and a beautiful winter landscape.

The 2004 wintercourse participants

Comments from the participants

During and after the course we got many comments from the participants. Some of them follows below:

"I never thought I would find anything that would make me feel better than Hold Qi Up, but I was wrong. When I’ve been moving I’ve never been able to relax my body before and I’ve felt even more unrelaxed in wintertime when it’s slippery. Already after the basic-course I could walk outside and feel relaxed. Since my childhood I’ve had a stiff and nervous feeling in my body but that disappeared during the Friday."

"It’s very good with a winter-course. It’s like waking up from the winter quarters. I feel much clearer in the head now."

"In 35 years I’ve had problems with cramps in my diaphragma when I turn or bend my body. I got the problems after an injury and I’ve talked to my doctor about this. The doctor said I had to live with the problems, and that I didn’t have to turn or bend the body. During the five days in the wintercourse I have both turned and bent the body but I didn’t get any cramps at all."

"I feel that I’m much more flexible in my body now than before. I understand more about Qigong now."

"Injuries from a recent traffic-accident (fracture in a knee and ligament) got much better during the course."

"During this course I’ve been free from pains now and then. This has not happened since 1995."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen