Shenxin Qigong Ålesund [2019-11-16]

This weekend we were lucky enough to get a course in Shenxin Qigong here in Tennfjord for the first time. We have had courses in Hold Qi Up since 2016 and there was great enthusiasm for a new training method. The weekend has certainly met expectations. It has been a weekend characterized by calm, warmth, lots of qi and many good results. We at Tennfjord thank you for a wonderful weekend.

Here are some comments from the participants:

Deep and good calm

"It has been very nice to get to train in the qi-field this weekend. It's been a long time since my last Shenxin course, and I've received many important corrections this weekend. I have felt such deep and good tranquility throughout my body and especially in my head. It has been amazing to feel that I have been very focused on the exercises. Usually I am freezing all the time, but this weekend I felt warm and relaxed all over my body, I even had to throw the sweater. In addition, something happened in my chest yesterday, something opened up. I have had very high shoulders when exercising, but when it opened in my chest, my shoulders are no longer as high as before. It's been a great weekend.”

Custom designed for my body

“I started training last fall. Two years ago, I got two prolapses in the lower part of my back, which put me completely out of play. It took time to get back on my feet and be able to stand up and walk normally again. My body has become more agile and my back works well. I am still stiff, but feel that this Shenxin course was custom designed for my body and my needs. I am very happy that we had the opportunity to have this course here in Tennfjord. I can't wait to continue training. I've had a great weekend! It bubbles inside, which is a good feeling.”

Got rid of tendonitis

“I just love this form of training. It gives me so much. This weekend I felt there something going on in the shoulder area. Before I started training, three years ago, I had a chronic tendonitis. Thanks to training Qigong I have very little of that today. I am very happy to have found such a tool that can help me to train my body stronger. It has also helped me to get rid of fur allergy, it has made me stronger and more prepared for heart surgery and also helped me recover sooner after surgery. A fantastically cool and very effective training method!”

A great course. I have a lot to work on and look forward to continuing

“This is my first Shenxin course, and it's been a great course. I have noticed that things have happened in my eyes, foot and shoulders. It turns out that there are things that I have to work on, and I look forward to it. I am very happy that I have started Qigong and that is something I will continue with.”

Provides a special calm

“After practicing Hold Qi Up for 2.5 years, I have been looking forward to attending this weekend's Shenxin course. It has been an exciting exercise to learn and I look forward to training it in the future. Before I started training, I had many longer periods of illness. These are now noticeably fewer and shorter. Another positive effect of the training is that I have less headaches and that my back and shoulders feel softer and better now. The training gives me a special tranquility, to shut everything out and find the tranquility of everyday life.”

Very sick, with ME diagnosis

“It has been a great course. I feel stronger for every course I take. My first meeting with Zhineng Qigong was the Summer Course in 2015. With an ME diagnosis, my health was very poor. During this course I got a lot of energy and I went home as a new person. Physically, my body works well, pain that I previously felt a lot of is gone. There's a lot going on in my body, a lot of things to clean up. A process has started, and I've accepted that it takes time. Mentally, I feel much stronger, I experience a greater degree of tranquility, and can withstand stress better. It may well be a little stormy around me, but I feel like I am able to keep myself quite calm. I thought I wasn’t able to work anymore when my health over time had been so weak, I couldn't work. Now I'm back, I have both a hectic and demanding job, and it works great. I am very happy and grateful for the method and the training.”

Mastering my own life

“It's been a fantastic weekend with lots of clarifying instructions and explanations. This is my second course in Shenxin and I have felt different things in my body this weekend, especially in the chest region and shoulder/neck. During the three years I have practiced Qigong, I have achieved many good results. Among other things, I have regained the feeling in my right side of the shoulder and neck after many years without sensation in my skin. I have gotten rid of migraine, pain in my whole body and my sleep is much better. My body was very stiff and I was barely able to reach down to my knees as I bent down. Now I have no problem with putting my hands on the floor. The best part about the training is that I help myself to get stronger and stay healthy, and that feeling is fantastic.”


“Thank you very much for a very educational course! This was my second Shenxin course and I have received good corrections. I've been training Qigong for 2.5 years and this training has made me more agile and calmer at heart.”

Managed to endure longer

“Very nice to be able to come to Tennfjord for this course. I think snake arm went much better this time. In the past it has been very difficult to make those moves, but now things went much better. I could carry on for longer before I had to quit, and that felt good."

Training does a lot of good for me

"I've been training Qigong for a year, and I know that to keep on training does a lot of good for me. It is very exciting now with a new method. I know it does something for the whole body, so the road ahead is exciting.” 

Good instruction and guidance

“I started training in 2015 and have been on several courses, but this is my first Shenxin course. I joined this course now, because my body is not feeling great. I haven’t been training as much as I should lately. I needed a push to get started again and really enjoyed this course. I have received very good instruction and guidance. Absolutely great for me. "


Herbjørn Wilhelmsen