Hold Qi Up Suffolk [2019-11-09]

We were a pretty large group who practised in a beautiful training room I Suffolk a lovely autumn weekend in November, to learn Hold Qi Up for the first time, or to repeat the exercise. Several participants expressed the importance of repeating a course, that you always learn something new and not the least get to participate in our strong qi-field that we have during our courses.

Some comments from the participants:

Worth it to practice daily

“I have been practising for many years, I always like to come back to weekend courses. It is worth practicing every day.”

Qigong – a friend for life

“I have been doing weekend courses since the first course we had here in England. I’ve had phases of not practising but then I realised how beneficial the practice is. I can feel things changing. I have also done Summer Courses for 2 years. It has taken me to a whole new level. All the ailments on my list – they have all gone. Qigong is now my lifelong companion.”

Help with grief

“I have done Qigong from the first course here in England. I have practiced Qigong every day since then and I have got rid of most of my problems. It works mentally and physically. My husband died last year – Qigong has been like a cocoon for me, I can restore myself with Qigong.”

Always something to learn

“I’ve enjoyed the weekend. Every time I learn something new. Thank you.”

Very restorative

“This is my 3rd year of Qigong though the 1st year I was very undisciplined. I find it very restorative. Nothing miraculous has happened but I am living with cancer and heart disease and I feel well! I recommend to new people to come back next time!”

A wonderful discovery

“This is my first course. It’s wonderful to discover Qigong. Thanks!”

Slept well

“I’ve enjoyed the course. I was very tired last night but I slept very well. I do weights so my shoulders hurt but it will be good for me! Thank you very much.”

A help to breaking old patterns

“This is my first course – thank you to my friends for their 5 years of nagging! I’m not good at breaking old patterns but I’m excited this could be it! Thank you.”

Benefits of the practice

“I came 2 years ago. I got lots of benefits but then the practice fizzled out. I’m definitely going to practice and I know I’ll see improvement in 2 months.”

Reduced pain

“I’ve been practicing for 4 years. Thank you for this weekend. I have phases of being disciplined. When I practice at night I sleep much better. My knee problem has been worse lately but last night it didn’t wake me up – the pain had abated. The benefits I’ve had are remarkable. I feel cocooned by it – it’s like a comfort blanket.”



Fatima Ringvall