Hold qi up Nybro [2019-09-28]

This year we celebrate twenty year anniversary in Nybro. We have had courses here for twenty years without any interruption. During the years plenty of people have joined the courses and got great help from our training. The qi field has been build stronger and stronger for every year. The participants effort, their will to get healthier, the immersed understanding and the ability to get more qi has improved. It gives beginners great support and basis to get a great introduction to qigong and to gain improvements on our courses.


Comments from the participants:

Calm and Strong

“I have practised since 2007. The results have been great, both mentally and physically. I feel calm and strong. The course was great, I have more energy compared to yesterday morning.”

Ups and Downs

“I have practised for 9 years. Qigong is great support during ups and downs. During the years some of my diseases have disappeared without notice. It feels great to be here and meet all my qigong friends.”


“I started to practise qigong 2011. It´s always nice to repeat the course. The everyday life is full of stress and the training makes me calmer. I learn new things all the time. I recommend you to practise in the morning, it makes me more focused at work. Thanks for a great course.”

Change the State

“This was my first course with this method. I´m here because I want to change my state and to regain what I used to have.”

Positive Feeling

“This was my first basic course. I have a positive feeling and the course was great. I have a rheumatic disease, I want to heal myself.”


“During the years Qigong has helped me very much. I used to have a lot of migraine and pain. After I participated on my first basic course I experienced one whole week without migraine, that was fantastic.”

Parkinson and Self Confidence

This was my second course. I have been sick since 2011, I have Parkinson and congestive heart failure. The training has given me better mood, it affects me very much. I´m eager now to do things that I haven´t done for a long time. My self confidence has returned. I practise every day, I must practise every day. Because of my pacemaker I go to a chief physician. The last time I was there he told me my heart is doing a much better job then before.”


Johannes Nordgaard