Hold Qi Up Ljungskile [2019-09-14]

Several new participants and repeating joined the course in Lyft Upp Qi in Ljungskile, which was held slightly earlier than last year. It was a happy and calm atmosphere that prevailed and many felt a joy during the course. The participants were also motivated to continue training in their own training and in the group training. Here are some quotes from the participants:


Calm and happy

“During this course I felt very calm. And when we went home yesterday I was really, really happy body was filled with joy. "

The headache disappeared

“I was very tired yesterday and had a headache even when I got home and also this morning. Now it feels much better and now I'm much happier when the headaches have disappeared. "

Eased tensions

"Now the tensions have dropped a little in the left half of the body and things so have you become a little calmer."



Kaj Suokko