Hold Qi Up Alingsås [2019-09-07]

It was a calm and good atmosphere during the weekend course in Alingsås and many experienced improvements. Several of the participants thought it was nice and useful to have repetition and get good corrections. Many were also looking forward to being able to train on Thursdays. Here are some of the participants own comments:

Better circulation

"Circulation has become good and I have not so cold feet and not so much pain in my feet."


 "I feel much better and am happier and it feels much easier."

alingsås qigongkurs lyft upp qi september 2019

Softer wrists

 "I can compare to how it was ten years ago when I started, that there is a huge difference in my wrists for the better."

Calmer mind

"I have become calmer in the mind and it will be great to train on Thursdays."



Patrik Rastija