Hold Qi Up Gothenburg [2019-08-17]

The first weekend course of autumn in Hold Qi Up gathered new and repeating participants. Everyone trained with a good concentration and relaxation and many got good results over the weekend. Below are some of the participants comments:

Better sleep

“I’ve had some sleeping problems because of stress. I slept incredibly well and very deep yesterday, it feels very positive.”

Calm and harmonious

“I've been on so many courses at this time. But this is probably one of the best basic courses actually. It has been so quiet and I have been able to keep calm. I've been calm and harmonious on the inside that I haven't experienced in a very long time."

“I have attended countless courses over the years and I agree that this was a very good course. It was a calm, I feel I have concentrated and been able to relax well."


“The days before the course, I was very tired and fell asleep many times during the day. But after yesterday's training, I became much more alert.”

Less breathless

“During the Summer Course I had a lot of coughing but now I feel that my windpipe and lungs have become better and become less breathable. I've reduced my medication as well."

The pain went away

"I had a huge pain on my right side of my body when I came to the course, but today it felt like it just went away, and for the first time I learned to stand better."


Patrik Rastija