Almuñécar [2019-04-27]

Our trip to Almuñécar in Spain has become a regular event and this was our fourth visit there. Some people attend every year, others every second or every third year. We also have new participants joining us for each trip. Some people very much appreciate that they can bring family members who don't take part in the Qigong training..

At the hotel where we stay the standard is improving each year. There is a large and goodbuffet provided for breakfast and dinner. The feedback we get from our participants is very positive, partly due to the friendly service at the hotel.

Practising in the morning on the beach, watching the horizon by the Mediterranean Sea, listening to the sounds of the waves – makes for happy memories! The view from the training hall is also something for us to remember with pleasure – on the top floor of the hotel we have a perfect view of the beach and sea.

In the afternoons every one is free to spend their time as they wish. Some make small trips in or around the city of Almuñécar, others spend time by the beach or simply rest. You can also enjoy good food at a local taverna, or have an ice cream!

We went on a outing to Nerja, just strolling around and enjoying all the beauty surrounding us before heading for a guided tour in the marvelous caves of Nerja - supposedly the biggest cave system in Europe.

But the greatest  memory of all is probably the warm and loving atmosphere among the participants, something many commented on in the survey we did. Even those new to the group who didn’t know many others feltl welcomed and easily joined with the rest. We also remember the tranquility of the training and the very strong Qi field.

Comments from the survey:

“Great opportunity to combine training and vacation. Almuñécar is perfect for that purpose.”

“As always, it was a marvellous week, blue sea, sun and great training. Practising in the morning by the beach is magic. The atmosphere is so warm and loving - makes you feel extra good and gives you a chance for improvements.”

“Superb! Lovely practising outdoors and a lovely room for the indoors training. Great food and pleasant staff at the hotel. A good time of year to travel. Thank you very much for a lovely and well planned trip.

“A great course, in every aspect. Thank you for doing it so well.”


Comments from the talk:

Legs are Equally Long

“This was a lovely week. My left side has changed, my legs are now equally long. It was very nice having my husband here. Thank you!”

Shoulder has Improved

“There is a great atmosphere here, lovely to be here! This group is so nice. In the past  I have injured  my shoulder twice, and it has improved a lot here. I am very satisfied and very happy.”

Calmness and Relaxation

“It is very good. I wish for a calm mind, sometimes when we practise I can feel it. Relaxation is difficult for me but it is getting better and better”

Holding head Up

"It is amazing here. The horizon makes is easier for me to hold my head up. I have issues with my neck, shoulders, knees and sinuses. I have felt Qi working on those parts during this course. Lovely to be here!"

Great Atmosphere

"Lovely. Very well planned course. Gives you a little sense of what Summer Course is like. And getting the chance for some vacation at the same time. Things happen in my body, my shoulders have moved further back."


"I feel more together here, usually I am more messy, worried and shattered. It is great!"

The Group

"I only have positive things to say. This group of people is wonderful. Thank you!

Beach is Special

"It is amazing here. The beach is special. My body becomes more relaxed and my thoughts gets sorted. Amazing course!"


"The word pleasant describes both the people and the course. Every thing is special here, everything is especially good, an especially good vacation. You can't have this anywhere else." 

Burn Out and Stress

"I have been on a sick leave because of a burn out and stress. Zhineng Qigong has helped me a lot and if I don't practise I get worse. Now, after practising a year I am more relaxed and I can focus more deeply when we practise. Amazing. Everything here is great."

The View

"I love the view from the tenth floor and listening to the waves and the sea gulls. I have social  phobia and it improved from the training." 

Bring the Family

"It is good to be able to bring your family along to the course. A very good course!" 

Peace of Mind

"Peace of mind is what I felt this week. This group is very calm. I have had corrections that have been very helpful. I am so relaxed."

Energy is Back

"So many positive things! I feel very pleasant and I have peace of mind. Bringing the family and having time both for family and training is GOOD! I have been very tired this spring but now I feel the energy is back."

Migraine Reduced

"Very nice course - what an atmosphere! Having your own place when practising at the beach and in the training hall creates a sense of peace and safety. I have had severe problems with my body for 35 years, and a migraine 2-4 times a week. Nowadays I have migraine only once a week. I have been able to reduce my medications quite a lot. During this course I have had moments of feeling a relaxation of my body. My neck has been adjusted. And I have been able to stand upright and practise during the whole course."

Sleeping Very Well

"I am very satisfied.I am getting better and better. I find it diffcult doing things slowly but it is getting better. My wrists and ankles have improved, they are more agile now. Also, I have been sleeping very well here."

Part of the Group

"I have almost never felt so much a part of a group before. This week, this course I have felt safe and as part of the group. Everyone is sweet and nice. I have been staying in a single room and haven't been afraid in the nights. I have reuamtism but Qigong has given my body its life back. I can move my toes again, my arthritis is improving more and more and my back has improved in a way doctors say they otherwise never see."

Improved Eye Sight

"Fantastic course, a magical place! I have learned that I can practise even when I am sick. I have been able to do all the training. My eye sight has improved."



Lars Hagner