Summer Course two Nossebro [2019-07-03]

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Some had practiced only a short while, others for quite some time. Some were young, others were old. A lot of the participants were repeaters on the course, but some of those that usually just stuck to Summer Course one chose to join course two for the first time this year. Most of the participants first joined Summer Course one and then continued to join Summer Course two. Attendinging both courses produces the best results and is what we recommend.

Since a lot of people from course one directly continued with course two,many experienced that the qi-field became much stronger as soon as course two started. We practiced a lot of La Qi and Hold Qi Up, but a lot of the course was spent on learning the main exercise of the second step: Xing Shen Zhuang. Apart from this we also had time for several short lectures, interspersed between the training periods in the hall.

As usual we had a rich social life during the course, especially during mealtimes, evenings and our yearly cabaret. This year's questionnaire showed that as many as 70% got a heightened energy level, 59% reduced their stress levels, and 59% could concentrate better. This is illustrated by the following diagram:

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Below follows a selection of the participants own comments:

An injured tendon improved

"Due to a problem with my big toe I tripped and hurt a tendon in my ankle around ten months ago. When I lifted my leg up my foot slumped down and inward. At first, when we practiced Xing Shen Zhuang and I lifted my feet to move them outward it didn't work. I had to drag my left foot outwards. I had a heartfelt wish to improve my foot and during the qi-regulation on the last evening I noticed that something happened. When I stood up I was able to lift my foot and separate the feet! It is difficult to describe how I felt, but I had to do it several times before I could believe it myself! According to my orthopaedist and physiotherapist an injured tendon in the foot cannot repair itself – they say it will always be lax and will not work well, and would need surgery. I now practice with great motivation and a deep wish that the movability of my foot will be fully restored when I visit my orthopaedist in September. So, I'm really satisfied with the course!


Body weight normalized

"I have a problem with IBS-stomach and this has affected me more than usual before the Summer Courses started. I lost some weight during this period. But everything has gone well here in Nossebro and I was very hungry during the whole second course. It usually happens when we start practising Dun Chiang. The food has also been delicious. So I feel that I have gained back some weight and that I'm returning to a more normal nutritional state. I have actually gained about three kilos which is a lot for me. That feels great."

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Favourite exercise

"Xing Shen Zhuang is my favourite exercise, absolutely, all time high! It's the one I've managed to hold on to the best of all Qigong exercises. I practice it every morning and I see a difference in myself - in how much I can manage during one day, that I am much calmer, and feel I I am a much better person. Yeah, I'm just a better person when I've practiced."


Warm and strong

"This is the first time I’ve attended Summer Course 2. It has worked very well and I’ve felt strong. I’ve never been this warm in my body. Usually I’m very cold, especially my hands and feet. Here I’ve felt warm and even sweaty. It’s been great to talk to new people and also to get to know all the people I’ve met on other courses better."


Improved pelvis after 50 years

“During the first course I got more flexibility in my shoulders and hips. The fact that my stiff, displaced pelvis would become so much better that I can manage to squat down, after 50 years of problems, I would never have thought that was possible. I must say that the comb course and the combing is very good for taking away headaches and colds. The eye training method that we learned, I’ve used to handle acute pains because I can’t take painkillers. It works at once. I can also add that I see better now than what I did when I was 20. I had pretty bad eyesight then.”

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Agile and strong

“I feel that I can do the movements in a more relaxed way every year, it feels very nice. I also feel thatQigongmakes me agile and strong, really strong. I can dig in my garden at home. I feel very healthy and never ill and I am 78 years old.”

Improved arm, better looks and less varicose veins

“Before the Summer Course I had lots of pain in my right upper arm, not the shoulder, but the arm. Now my arm is better and I am very thankful for that. This year is a year of
grief, a year of change. Because of that I suddenly became aware of the process of ageing. I haven’t thought about that before. I saw myself on some photos, and I looked awful - but now when I see myself in the mirror during this course, I feel that some of this awfulness is fading. I have also had some varicose veins beginning on my legs, but this is starting to get better.”

Reduced anxiety

"Someone told me to lift my head up. I thought that wouldn’t do any good, since I was panicking. But I tried a few times and I noticed it's hard to be in a state of panic when you have a good posture. You send a different signal to your body and also get more qi when you raise yourself up compared to curling up on the floor like a victim. I will remember that experience. I have wished for my anxiety to disappear."

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Improved training quality

"Every time I have been in the training hall, the quality of the training has been very high. I am very focused and motivated when I come to the hall. I try to come in early, before the set time, in order to be relaxed and ready to practice when the training starts."

Better after the comb course

"During the comb course it felt like I had ants in my knees. The following day I could bend my knees in the training with more relaxation and much better control. My knees had become more relaxed."

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Qigong keeps me healthy and energetic

“I have been practicing Qigong since 2011. It helps me and gives me good health. It keeps me healthy and energetic. I don’t have anything bigger to share, but feel that Qigong fixes things before I notice that it is a problem. I feel that it gives me energy and keeps me healthy. Every time I am here at the Summer Course I feel that my body becomes more relaxed. Especially this year I feel that there is a greater sense of calm in my head. I can notice that there is a connection, when I relax my head I also get more relaxed in my body. When I relax more in my body, I get more relaxed in my head. They are connected. I am very happy for that. It has been nice. I will keep on practicing so that this can continue. Thanks a lot for a nice course.”

Su Dongyue