Summer Course one Nossebro [2019-06-24]

sommarkursen 2019 nossan 2

Harmony was the theme for this year’s Summer Course. An important objective with our exercises is to achieve a better and more harmonious life. To obtain that, one needs a healthier and stronger physical state, a calmer and more enlightened mind and more qi. This is the aim of all our activities during the Summer Course: the instruction, the training but also all the other arrangements. One of the evenings, we stage a cabaret where participants in the course take part to demonstrate their various talents such as singing and dancing. This generates a lot of laughter and lots of joy. The general ambience is also far from what many of us are used to. The love, the warmth and the joy in our qi-field mean a great deal to all. Also the feeling of belonging is important for many. Here, there is space for everybody and you can feel that you are accepted the way you are.

This year was a jubilee year. It was the 25th consecutive year that we arranged our nine day courses, which are the most popular courses we offer. This year, about 180 persons were living together in the school in Nossebro during the first nine days. Especially for the jubilee our teacher Dongyue Su had created a calligraphy. It showed the Chinese character for harmony and was very much appreciated. Our Qi-comb course is also popular. This simple exercise can be regarded as an efficient addition to our ordinary exercises and only requires a couple of minutes to do.

The importance of the qi-field for the popularity of the Summer Courses and the good results it produces every year cannot be sufficiently stressed. A strong and fine qi-field can be the determining factor for achieving the effects you desire. In a good qi-field the results can come much quicker than otherwise. The qi-field is the most important feature of the Zhineng Qigong school and its strength and quality is mostly determined by the teacher’s Gung Fu.


Some excerpts from the participants written statements:

”Everything has been very good – the teachers, the course content, the participants, the atmosphere, the food, the location...”

”Thank you very much for a very good course. There is love and care in the qi-field and the qi-field is so strong! I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be here and learn Qigong directly from Dongyue Su.”

”It has all been arranged perfectly. Making things work for so many is impressive.”

”I am agreeably surprised by this fantastic training method – regulators of life! I hope that I can help spread the message and my joy in practising Qigong.”

”I am very pleased with how everything has been organised and the atmosphere here feels so warm and good.”

”I am very happy with how all the courses are arranged now.”

”I have had a chance to learn new things and fine tune the movements. It has been very educational. All the teachers and Mr. Su have been great help. I have met nice, fantastic and kind people and everyone has shared their experiences with me. I have felt very welcome and included here. Thanks everyone!”

”The atmosphere is so good, I enjoy that very much.”

”A very good course, rather tough, but very good. Fantastic teacher.”

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From the participants' oral comments:

Sleeping medicine

”I came here because of two reasons, I had to stop using my sleeping medication that I have used to sleep during the last five years. This happened in January. I have been sleeping very well here. I am very pleased with that. The second thing is that I have eczema, it was much worse before I came. Now I am just hoping that it will continue to heal more. Thanks.”


”This is my sixth course. I have practiced for ten years. Qigong has really become a way of life for me and the method has given me very good results. I have been ill for twelve years and had to stop working. I was very, very sad about that. I had lots of pain. Today I have barely any pain compared to what I felt before. I have got back my energy after not having been able to work for 12 years. I am a pensioner now but I actually do some work again and I enjoy that very much. When I came here I became very calm. I can feel that things are happening in my body, my whole body. It feels very good. Even though there are so many things happening, the feeling of tranquility is still there. More harmony!”

Can run again

“Last year when I came to the Summer Course, Qigong prevented me from ’hitting a wall’. I was paralysed and my brain was not working. Two months ago I started to train on a bike and then ruined my knees. They were never ok from the start but then I really, really messed them up. I was in so much pain all the time, every step. I know that many of you have this for many years. I felt that I was finished. I just wanted to leave my body, I didn't want to do this anymore. I had been to the physiotherapist and I got a brace for my knee and I did training, but it hurt so much. When I came here I had both the brace and crutches and I met some of you. The first day I dropped the brace, the second day I dropped the crutches inside the room and the third day I dropped the crutches when going to the dining hall. I guess it was on the fourth day, I just left the crutches in the room. Yesterday I was coming out of the dining hall and I only had about 2.5 minutes to get here before Mr. Su was going to start. And I ran! It’s the first time I have run in years. It is wonderful.”

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Broken arm

“I broke my arm early this year. The bones healed well, but tendons and muscles haven't been good. The condition of my arm was not good when I came here. But now I feel better, and I feel I have a new body. Thank you for a nice course.“

Soft as a baby

“I think it has been a wonderful course, when I came here my body was very stiff, and now I feel I am more like a baby.”


“This is my second Summer Course. This year I have experienced total relaxation and harmony. I have been freed from varicose veins in one leg. It took two days during which I could barely stand on it and now the pain has completely gone. When it was at its worst, there have been other things that were being worked on. Among other things, my fingers have been much better. So I'm so grateful!”

Vertebral compression

“I have had a great course. I have a vertebral compression fracture, it is better today. Thank you. “

The mental part is important

”As you see there has been a pretty dramatic change for me compared to last Summer Course, since I have lost my lower leg. My goal during the course has been to get rid of my phantom pains. I still feel my toes a little but I think it has become less. It has been a nice course and the mental part is really important. I have got a lot of help from my wife. I wouldn’t have managed so well if I didn’t have her support to get up from the mattress and get help with everything. But thanks to all of you for helping me with doors and everything else that has been needed. Thanks.”

Emptied the backpack

“My husband, who is also here, had to have his lower leg amputated after an accident. I have stood on the side and have been thinking about what can I do to make it easier. For me, part of the answer was arm training. I have done arm training before visits to doctors, before surgery, during surgery, when he woke up etc. He has had a lot of operations. So what has helped me has been arm training. Because of everything that had happened I came here with a heavy backpack. So I had great hopes that we would practise a lot and that the arm trainings would be good. I feel that I have emptied my backpack. Now I can see my husband walking through the door at home. And he walks in. He is not in a wheel chair.”

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Use the positive thinking way

”A couple of weeks before the course some negative things happened. I got anxiety and gastric catarrh. It was hard. Then I used techniques from Zhineng Qigong. I thought that the negative things in my life are so small and the positive things are so huge. There is so much positivity in my life, including Zhineng Qigong and the qi-field. Then the feeling switched. The gastric catarrh and anxiety disappeared. I also felt that my legs were unusually strong. At this course I became calm very quickly, things that usually disturb me haven’t bothered me. I’ve felt good. I think my arms are stronger. I can also use the qi-field much better to control my mind.”

Easier to walk

“This has been my first Summer Course. Lots of things have been happening, especially inside. My left arm is much better now. It’s easier to dress and do other things. My legs are so much better too, both knees and ankles and feet. I can walk better now. It’s very uplifting. I am grateful for the teaching and the support. People have been so friendly and helpful! Thank you!”

Eyes better

“This was my 11th Summer Course. I am grateful and happy that the course has been so peaceful. I have worked a lot and lived with anxiety and depression in recent years. This winter I had some interesting challenges with my fears. For a long time I have had the desire to have laser surgery so I could get rid of my glasses. I went through the surgery in mid-February. They almost refused for me to undergo the operation because it came to their attention that I was very scared. The operation went well, but soon afterwards I got complications. It was as bad as it could be. In the end both eyes needed to be stitched. It was fortunate that I have trained Qigong for many years and could keep calm. The days after, I mostly lay down and listened to the qi-regulation. I felt that something happened in my eyes. It went pretty well considering what had happened. My right eye recovered quickly. For the left one it took a few months. However, something remained in my eye, it has been a little inflamed. I could not touch my eye. I have been quite focused on it during the course and now I can touch it and it does not hurt as much. I am looking forward to the next course. I am very grateful for the loving atmosphere of the course. It gives me a great deal of help in understanding the social anxiety I have worked with. Many thanks to everyone!”

Less thoughts

“I have felt a lot of activity in my body, the feeling of qi has been strong. My main focus when I came here were the mental challenges I face. I have a hard time when it comes to work and life has also been tough in a general sense. I can feel the traces of this in my body. The course and Qigong are fantastic: I can do physical training and get mental improvements. I have fewer thoughts now. The course has been great. There has been a development in the right direction. I feel it has been easier now in the end, a great feeling. When I came here I thought it's an individual process, my own process that I would have to focus on. But I have noticed that another important part is that we are here together. That makes the Summer Course very good and very important. Thanks to everyone. All the chat, the smiles and cheerful attitude mean a lot to me, as I have more uncertainty on the inside then can be seen on the outside. Thanks for a great course.”

The smile

"I have not been here for a while and it was fun to come back. I recognize what others have also said that both in terms of physical and mental development, I can now create a distance. Instead of having my thoughts forced on me I can put them aside. I feel that it is the same with my body. It may hurt, but still I can focus pretty well on the training. I've thought about the smile, what a good thing it is. How we feel is reflected in our faces. I've also been pondering that it can also affect our feelings, so I take home many thoughts and insights. This spring I’ve been very stressed and didn’t understand how stressed I was until I came here and felt gradually more and more relaxed. I became softer and felt it was good fun to spend time with people. I am leaving today, but it has been great to be back and to get to meet all of you and the qi-field. Everything has been great, super food, my compliments to the chef!"

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“I enjoy the Summer Courses, otherwise I wouldn´t return year after year. It´s always a lot of stress before the course. This year it was easier than ever to just let go of everything. I have been extremely calm and I have enjoyed everything we have done during the course. I have got deeper understanding about the social community which I used to see like a bonus, something apart from the activity in the training hall. The line between the training hall and the other activities is not as clear as I thought it was. I remembered Mr. Su saying that every time we give a gentle smile, clean something, help someone, we open up ourselves. It´s that exercise that is the most important. Everything gets easier. I knew about it and I have heard it but suddenly I get the deeper meaning. I´m looking forward to the next course.”

The training works well for me

”It has been a very nice Summer Course. I have a feeling that something has opened up a little. I got a little more air. The most important thing is that I’ve been calm mentally, with no negative thoughts. I’ve been able to concentrate on the training. Also I’ve had ME for six years and this training works very well for me. I can do it and the Qi field works very well for me. I feel like I am another person here. It’s great!”

Can read without glasses

”After one and a half days on the course I could read without my glasses. As usual the group is wonderful, there is so much love and so much help, we are such a team. Thanks to the teachers and to Dongyue Su!”


“I suffer from recurrent depressions and have got a lot of help from Qigong. I have concluded that it is what helps. And it’s wonderful when you get support from all leaders and from other people. That is completely fantastic.”

Su Dongyue