Hold Qi Up Kalmar [2019-03-16]

A clear majority of the participants have participated numerous times on our courses. It was articulated when we started to practise. A good ability to concentrate makes the qi field stronger and helps the beginners to learn quicker.

Some comments from the participants:

Great Results

“I have practised for eight years. I have experienced great results and I feel good. It´s just to keep on practising, the training can give great results.”

“I started to practise at 2010. My husband died just before my first basic course. I felt I needed to get out and meet people. I believe the best thing I have ever done is to start practising qigong. I have lived for many years and I have some ailments, and many ailments have disappeared with the training. Thanks for a great course.”


“I get more alert by the training. The first years I thought it was tiresome to attend a basic course. Nowadays I´m longing for them. I´m looking forward to the courses.”


“I remember I couldn´t turn my head to the left when I started to practise, I got that function now. Some results: my migraine is gone and my patience is better. I notice when I don´t practise regularly some problems return.”

Improved Memory

“When I attended the summer course. An inflammation in my shoulder disappeared and my eyes and memory improved. I´m calmer and can easier stay focused. The course was harmonious, felt lovely.”

Clear Mind

“I have asthma, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure, it was great to attend a course. I feel my mind is clearer. Thanks a lot for a nice course.”


“I have no ailments, I practise to get rid of stress. It was a pleasant course, a lot of new experiences.”

Johannes Nordgaard