Hold Qi Up Bergen [2019-02-02]

Both new and repeating participants had the pleasure of practicing Qigong together this weekend. Everyone was eager to practise and learn more, and contributed with useful corrections and good atmosphere amongst other things, which again resulted in a great course. The qi-field was strong and it helped the participants to concentrate and to improve their health. Here are some comments from the participants:


Stomach pains after surgery greatly reduced

“I have practised Qigong on and off for quite a few years. This December I underwent a major stomach operation, and ever since my stomach has been sore. As soon as I could put my feet together after the surgery I started practicing Qigong. On Sunday morning after practicing one day on this course my stomach was completely different. I didn’t feel sore at all! I did not think I would achieve such significant and concrete effect in such a short time!”


Normal blood percentage for the first time in 10 years

“I started practicing Qigong mainly because of stress and lots of disturbing thoughts. I could not focus on anything. Now I feel much better, and I have grown quite fond of Qigong. The keywords and CDs are very helpful in stopping one from thinking about non-essential things. I want to continue working on the way I think, and by practicing Qigong regularly, I will get there little by little.
In addition, I have had anemia for approximately 10 years. In November I underwent a large surgery. Before the surgery I was going to the hospital for a final consultation. Usually I had to stop several times up the hill to the hospital because of the anemia, but this time I walked straight up without stopping. When the doctors measured my blood percentage, it was normal for the first time in 10 years. Because of this I did not need any blood transfusion and I did not feel tired after the surgery. I’m very glad I joined that Qigong course just two weeks prior to that surgery!”


Muscle spasms improved

“I have struggled with muscle spasms in my chest and it has been preventing me from sleeping. I attended a Qigong course last autumn, and after that the muscle spasm were gone for five months. It is better now so it will be exciting to see how long it will be gone for this time. I practise every evening and on Thursdays with the Qigong group in Bergen.”


Could stand properly

“I do not have any health issues as of today, but have an early onset of calcification in my knees. Usually they are painful but today the pain was gone and I could stand properly.”


Qigong makes your body softer

“Some years ago I broke my femur. After the surgery I was dependent on being able to go hiking to maintain the mobility in my leg. Then I got Benign Paroxymysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). As a result, I was no longer able to go hiking and my knee started to hurt a lot. Therefore, I started practising Qigong five years ago. After my first Summer Course the swelling around the knee had disappeared and I did not have any pain in my knee anymore. After four years training Qigong I could hike Via Ferrata Loen without any pain. Qigong makes your body softer, which is why I strongly recommend Qigong.”


Back pain disappeared

“I have been training Zhineng Qigong on and off for some time now. Earlier I have achieved good results. Before, I could not sit on a chair due to my back injury, but after 20 minutes with La Qi I automatically sat down in the sofa, and then I realised I did not have any back pain anymore. However, the back pain has been coming back once a year, but then I train more intensively for a period of time and then it vanishes. Qigong is a good way to disconnect from the world and reduce stress.”


A good method to calm down

“This is my first Qigong course. A friend of mine recommended that I should try it and after participating I understand why it was a good idea. I have a stressing job, I drink a lot of coffee, and I need something to reduce my tensions. I believe that Qigong might be a great contribution to my life combined with hiking. What I basically need is a method to calm myself down. Zhineng Qigong seems to be a very meditative method and it is unusual, but good, for me to experience the kind of silence we have here whilst training. It will probably take some time to calm down properly, but I need to start somewhere.”


Back pain and sleeping issues gone

“I am having my one-year anniversary as a Qigong student this weekend and it has been an exciting year. I have struggled with back pain and sleeping issues for many years. Because of bulging discs I used to struggle to sit upright. The doctors said I should do physical exercises for my back pain, but this type of training resulted in my back getting stiffer and that was very painful. After I started practicing Qigong my back pain is almost gone. Naturally, I sleep much better now that the pain is mostly gone, but also because I am mentally calmer. It is now easier for me to let things go and move on. I will definitely continue training Qigong and I look forward to attending the Winter Course.”


Qigong relieves stress

“Thank you very much for a nice course. It is great to be here, to experience how good Qigong is for me. I have a job where I sit still most of the day, and I am often stressed during the workdays. In my experience Qigong relieves stress related to work.”


Experience joy

“I saw that a friend of mine who is struggling with health related issues achieved good results from training Qigong. Therefore, I decided to try it myself. Previously, I was not able to neither drink milk nor eat bread. At the time I started training they used chlorine in the water here in Bergen and my body reacted very negatively to this. Today, I can both drink milk and eat bread, and my reaction to chlorine is milder than what it used to be. I experience much joy from my Qigong training.”


Flu disappeared

“I have been training Qigong for one and a half years now, and this is my fifth course. I was not aware of any health problems when I started training, but when a friend of mine recommended it to me I decided to give it a try. After I started training I have discovered the benefits I get from the training, where I am training parts of my body that I have not really trained before. One of my favourite exercises is Weituo Jin. I am usually training in the morning, but during Christmas I skipped my trainings. During the holiday I got the flu and realised I should start training again. After two till three days with intensive training the flu disappeared. I experience a unique calmness and silence when I participate on Qigong courses and I get to meet many nice people. This is very valuable to me.”



“It has been one and a half years since I started practicing Qigong. I have had diabetes since childhood, and later on fibromyalgia and low metabolism. This has caused me much pain. After I started training Qigong I have attended many courses and group trainings. I have become calmer since starting, and I have gained greater mobility and more energy. This has helped me to better handle the diseases and life in general.”



Herbjörn Wilhelmsen