Tuina and Weituo Jin Oslo [2018-10-04]

Qigong practitioners from Finland, Sweden and Norway were gathered in Oslo this autumn to learn Tuina and Weituo Jin. They thought it was good to learn about how one can help others and oneself with different kinds of problems by treating acupoints on the body. Several people said that they appreciate the Qigong method Weituo Jin a lot.

Here are some comments from the participants:


I Could Sense a Difference After a Few Hours

“It is my first time attending this course. I am very pleased. I was out sailing last weekend and my hands started aching, they got so stiff. But after a few hours here at the course I felt better, significantly better. Also, troubles concerning my back disappeared.”


I Stopped Drinking Coffee Without Getting a Migraine

“I have attended this course many times, both courses. I find it easier and easier finding the acupoints and the quality of my training has increased. I feel so much better mentally now. I always get a migraine when I try quitting coffee. During these four days of practising I haven't drinken any coffee at all, and I haven't had a migraine! That I am very grateful for. Coffee makes me nervous and makes my heart race.” After the course the participant said “It's been several months now and I haven't started drinking coffee again and I haven't had any headaches.”


Strong and Stable Inside the Body

“I have attended this course a few times. Weituo Jin is different from the other exercises. I feel strong and stable inside my body. It is exciting practising other Qigong exercises afterwards. One gets strong. It has been a great course!”


Physical and Effective

“Weituo Jin is a physical exercise that gets to parts that other exercises don't. It is very effective.”


Many Things Happen in Your Body

“It is my first time learning Tuina. I am very satisfied. I was counting the days until the course begun because I have heard so much about it. It was nice repeating the Weituo Jin course. So many things happen in my body, from my shoulders to my fingers. A warm sensation in my leg. A very good course! And nice people here.”


A Powerful Exercise

“This was my first course. It is powerful. I can feel the method working in many areas where I have problems, such as my shoulders. I look forward to continuing.”


A Feeling of Qi

“I have participated in the Tuina and Weituo Jin courses before and I have gotten plenty of good from them. THE last time I did Tuina I could sense Qi in the same way as when I practise my self. I like Weituo Jin, it makes my body agile and I feel strong.”



Herbjörn Wilhelmsen