Hold Qi Up Bollnäs [2018-10-29]

During this course, our window was illuminated by the glorious autumn leaves outside. The participants included new students, as well as those more experienced from previous weekend and Summer Courses. The ambience was warm and loving.

Some comments from the participants:


Knee improved

“I think I attended my first course about 2007. At that time, I had been having knee problems for several years. One of my knees tended to swell up and stay swollen for up to 6 months. Straight away, during my first week-end course, I could feel that something was happening in my knee. My knee has now been all right for several years. My mind has also been influenced, I am calmer, and I don’t get so caught up in negative atmospheres, or get irritated by smaller worries. I am really happy about this course, I have got so much qi!”


Plenty for the mind

“The first time I attended a qigong course I was sick-listed due to depressive exhaustion. Later when I felt better I let the qigong go. Gradually I have found the way back and now things have improved with my whiplash injuries and my twisted pelvic bone during practise. Apart from that it gives so much for the mind and I feel changes during every course.”


Breathing more easily

“I have practiced qigong for a long time and have also tried other methods like mindfulness and yoga, but it is only qigong that I have really cottoned on to. It suits me to practice the active movements. I notice that I can move better, that I am supple considering my age and that I do not get so angry any more. I suffer from asthma and qigong makes me breathe more easily.”


Improved circulation, calm and harmonious

“11-12 years ago I had problems with asthma and took a lot of medication. A friend recommended me to try qigong. I participated in two courses which made me feel more harmonious and gave me a physical tranquillity. My circulation got better and my blood got more oxygen. For different reasons I left off practicing but now I am back and after this course my body and mind feel much more balanced.”


Good to start practising before the body gets worse

“This was the time to try qigong. I have been thinking about it for the last 2-3 years. I want to learn qigong and practice because I feel my body getting stiffer and I want to avoid that. I feel as if I am getting physical training and meditation at the same time.”



Fatima Ringvall