Hold Qi Up 2 Bergen [2018-10-13]

It has been several years since the last time we had a course in Hold Qi Up 2 in Bergen. Several of the participants expressed that the new techniques made it easier to concentrate and relax during the exercise.

Some participants’ comments:


Body loosened up

"I have been practising for a year, and this is my fourth course. This one is definitely the best of them, concerning both emotions and body stiffness. My body has really loosened up. It has been a great course, and I am going to continue practising."


Shoulders less tense

"I have been practicing Qigong for two years. It has been a wonderful course, and this weekend I have been standing on the floor in a different way than before. I have shoulders that are tense, especially one of them, and I have been working on the one for two years now. This weekend the shoulder became a bit less tense. It is also exciting to hear about all the extra tips that we have learned and can use in the future."



"I want to thank everyone for a great course. I have been very stressed lately, and I needed these tools that were taught at the course so that I do not think about something else whilst practicing. I have been very calm this weekend and that I will take with me when I go home today. Thank you for a great course."


New techniques

"I have practised for some years. I have a good feeling in my middle finger, after having learned the new techniques! I am glad there was a course now, and it is nice that all of you came here."


Back issues disappeared

"I have been practicing Qigong for two years, and it is nice to go to Bergen to attend courses. I drank a bit too much tea last night, so I had to go to the toilet during the night. When I went to bed again I fell asleep on my stomach, which I have not done in probably 15 years. There has been something in my back that has prevented me from sleeping on my stomach, but I have not had any issues with my back since I started practicing Qigong. It has been very unpleasant to lie on my stomach, but this time I fell asleep right away. Amazing."


Good atmosphere

"I started practising last January. This has been a nice weekend, and it has been nice to practise a lot. It was good that we did not practise La Qi very much! It has been a good atmosphere, and time went fast."


New tools

"I have been practicing Qigong on and off for some years now. Lately, I have had many negative thoughts, but this weekend I felt there was no room for the negative thoughts anymore, due to the new tools that were introduced during the course. With the new tools in play, there was no room for any other thought. Now, I am calmer compared to when I attended the lecture on Friday. Currently, life is a bit tough but now I have got help. The teaching has been good."


Mental calm

"The last time we did the exercise it felt a little bit different. Usually, I have a lot of thoughts when I practise. Now, I did not think a lot, it felt like I was another place. When I opened my eyes, I was in a sort of stillness. This was definitely one of my best training sessions!"


Deep relaxation

"The course has been very nice. I have been in very deep relaxation during the exercise, it almost felt like I was asleep while standing upright. I almost did not know where I was. I have become a lot calmer. I have been doing this for many years, since 1996. I have been a little on and off, but now I am on again! I practise at home regularly."



Herbjørn Wilhelmsen