Hold Qi Up Bodø [2018-09-15]

The weekend course was also held in Bodø High School. Friday evening, after the lecture, the northern lights appeared on the dark sky. Some of the new participants had previously participated in a Shenxin Qigong weekend course in Bodø. They were all eager to practice and to learn more.


Some participants’ comments:

Can squat with osteoarthritis

”I have osteoarthritis in both knees. Yesterday I did the first exercises, but I did not think I was able to squat. However, I could actually manage to bend both my knees. Last night everything felt so easy, as if I was flying. I have now got a light and good feeling.”


Better sleep

“I have not been practising for many years. During this course I have been particularly aware of my body retention. It was lovely to wake up early this morning. I will continue with this practice.”


Greater mobility

”It has been a pleasant course. Now I can notice a big difference in my arms. They have gained greater mobility. I have a bad knee, which has now become better. It is ok to know that I am doing the exercises safely. I feel stronger.”


Regained the feeling after a prolapse

“I started this weekend course with blank sheets. I have experienced enormous changes during the course, starting during the lecture. I now feel like a stallion on the starting line. There has previously been an extreme activity in my brain, becoming devitalizing. Today, my head is so quiet that I have to ask if there is anyone home. Today, my body is very harmonious and nice.
Due to a prolapse, I have been numb in my left foot. After this course I have suddenly regained the feeling in this leg – all the way to the little toe.
I have already spent approx. 100.000 NOK on different methods and treatments to get well by ME. Practising this training method I really have hope for improvement. This is the cure for me. My body is now on supercharge.”


Softer from rheumatism

“I have rheumatism and my body is stiff. This weekend I have become significantly softer. I know that the exercises maintain and restore my movements and strength. My sister, who had stroke and 3 heart attacks, improved significantly after a previous weekend course in Hold Qi Up.”


Opens up mentally

“I have attended many courses in Zhineng Qigong. A nerve injury has been gradually improved. I can now lower my shoulders. I get faster peace and greater mobility. HQU opens up mentally too.”



Ingrid Tidemann