Summer Course Two Nossebro [2018-07-04]


During summer course two this year,2018, the weather was very warm, so warm that several of the participants swam morning and evening in the calm river Nossan that flows through the small town of Nossebro.

There was also another kind of warmth during the course, that of care and consideration. It was palpable in several ways, e.g. in that many people wanted to help out with different chores. This in turn made the work that needs to be done during the course very easy to handle.


Because the qi-field gets ever stronger and many of the participants had already learned Xing Shen Zhuang before, it was even easy for people who were joining the course for the first time. The motivation was high and the mood was good and the group quickly learned the different parts of the exercise. Several of the participants mentioned that they wished that the training sessions didn’t end so quickly and that after the course they were keen to continue practicing at home and with their local groups. 


The questionnaire that the participants filled out this year, showed that 70% got a higher energy level, 59% got improved concentration and 59% felt less stressed. See the illustration below.


Below is a small selection of the participants own comments at the end of the course.

No sick leave at work

“This is my first level two Summer Course, I had joined level one for four summers in a row. Since last Summer Course I have not been sick a single day for a whole year and my bosses have noticed this, that I am very unusual in that way. Also, I haven’t had pollen allergy this spring at all. I got it as an adult and have had it a number of years. It has gradually improved. This year I think there has been a lot of pollen, so I see this as a good result from the last summer, so thank you very much.”

Stomach feels good

“The course was great and has passed quickly. We did a lot of armtraining and the feeling in the body when something releases is wonderful. That has happened twice, the last time being yesterday evening. I did not want the training to stop. I have a problem with IBS and have been anxious because of that. During the second day of the course something happened and now my stomach has been fine for a whole week! I cannot even remember whether or not this has happened before. So that is fantastic.”



“One thing I have noticed after last year’s Summer Course is that I have not had a cold one single time. Usually I catch a cold several times a year and sometimes they never seem to end. Thank you very much!” 

Happy with life and scars are melting away

“I have practiced for a few years and I’m incredibly happy to be here. I’m so satisfied with my life all the time. I can come home tired from work and still feel that I’m satisfied. I feel that is a real asset. I am back working in a school, the last year I’ve got to know 300 students. And the feedback I get from students is so amazing. They tell me that I am always so calm and happy. After last summer one thing very concrete is that all the scars on my body have melted away. I have a scar from a cesarean section, a scar from when I was 3-4 years old and other such scars. They have just melted away and become soft and almost invisible. Thanks!“


Better back, concentration and vision

“This is my first step 2, have only joined step one once and that was 14 years ago. I am very happy that I joined the Winter Course this winter because that has done a lot for me, otherwise I don’t think I would stand on my legs . It has gone very well I think. When I came here I was very worn out, I was low in energy. I have a demanding job that takes a lot from me and I felt that it affected my concentration, memory and that I used a lot of words when I was speaking. When I came here it felt pretty overwhelming, with a lot of people, new things, new codes to the doors. I’ve had difficulties learning codes but managed to learn them all here fast. My concentration has been pretty good. My lower lumbar region has loosened so Dun Qiang is easier now. I have almost not used my reading glasses, I only used them at the start. I can see better. Amazingly good. A fantastic place to be in. To come here to the qi-field after 14 years, it is pretty strong. I feel very grateful to be a part of this.”

Stamina, clarity and focus

“This is the first time I have joined the second nine day course. I feel that I have been filling up my tank for the next year so that I can go home with more stamina, more clarity and more focus. No major, dramatic changes, but lots of little bits have softened up, especially in my pelvis.”


Harmonious and energetic

“This was my eleventh year. Time runs fast. It feels very nice to practice. I´m much more alert compared to when I arrived. I just wanted to sleep the first days. And I´m much calmer and happier, that´s the way I always feel after a Summer Course or other longer courses. Qigong has undoubtedly enriched my life. It makes me harmonious, happier and at the same time energetic. I´m very grateful for this training.”


“I feel smooth on the inside. The courses have passed very fast. It was many years ago that I participated in both courses. Now there is a clear tranquility within me, which is what I have been longing for. Thank you.”


Works full time and pain free legs

“This was my sixteenth Summer Course. It was like it always is. I have problems with my feet and legs. I was supposed to have disability pension but I´m working full time. During these sixteen years I haven´t been able to stand on relaxed legs while practicing without having pain. Today during La Qi my legs were relaxed without pain. The course was fantastic. The training is like a life elixir that we really need.”



Su Dongyue