Summer Course One Nossebro [2018-06-25]

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“I came here because my dad has been doing this for quite a time. He has become calmer, and his back is functioning well again. I’ve become fond of all the people I’ve met here. Every one you meet, you get so much love from, and when you go to bed here at night you really feel that people like you.”

This is what one of our participants expressed at the end of the course, and many others expressed similar thoughts about the loving and welcoming atmosphere at the course.

This year is the 10th summer in a row that we have held the Summer Course in Nossebro. Next year we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our 9 day courses, as the first one was in 1995. The Summer Courses, 1 and 2, are the most popular among our courses, attracting people from different countries, mainly Sweden, Norway and Finland. This year on Course 1, about 190 people spent 9 days together in the strong qi-field. Days are spent practicing qigong and listening to Dongyue Su’s teaching. During the frequent  breaks we rest, take refreshment, eat tasty, nutritional food and spend  sociable and supportive time together. Many people come here again and again, and really look forward to seeing their dear qigong friends.

sommarkurs ett 2018 bat nossebro nossan

“Thank you so much! I’m very grateful for having been part of this course. I feel more relaxed and I have more energy.”

“A big thank you for everything and to everyone involved.”

“It feels as if I’ve died and woken up in heaven. I have experienced kindness like nowhere else. I’ve been to many courses and seminars, and many spiritual gatherings, but I haven’t had this sense of community or felt kindness, support and discipline and integrity the way I do here. It is truly remarkable. It is something very special. We are in the qi-field.”

“Thank you to all my dear friends for everything you’re doing for us.”

“Well organised. I'm impressed by the kitchen.”

 ”As always the course was great. I feel more vigorous and happier. I have confidence in the method. Thanks all of you.”

“Thank you! I’m getting calmer and calmer, stronger and more confident about myself.”

sommarkurs ett 2018 nossan bro

“It gets only better!”

“The atmosphere and environment has been so amazing and beautiful. Nowhere have I experienced anything like it. My heart feels so open and I’m very happy. My body feels healed.”

”Thanks for a great course. You teachers are wonderful.”

”I’m very grateful that I can be part of this. And that I had the opportunity of finding this method.”

”So special. Lovely atmosphere. You teachers are great.”

”It feels so good. Thank you for an amazing course! The best one I’ve ever participated in.”

Before and after the course the participants did a survey on their health condition. The results were clear. For example more than 70% got more energy and experienced less stress. Here are some comments from the participants about their health improvements.

Flow in My Body

”This is my first Summer Course. I have very poor circulation in my back and shoulders. I have tried everything, many different kinds of methods. Some things help for a short while, but it all reappears because of the stress in my life. I work a lot. I think qigong is fantastic because it immediately finds the current status of your body. You see immediately what your problems are. I feel I have a completely different flow in my body now. A totally different kind of energy and movements. A very good course. The course has a very good structure and is well planned, and all those involved seem to be happy people.”

Burn Out, Pain

” I don't know where to begin. I started doing qigong in 2000 as I felt burnt out. I wanted to try qigong and had everything to win and nothing to lose. I am really happy that I did. I’ve had pain since I was 17 years old. That’s quite a long while, considering I’m now in my eighties. I had problems with my back and it spread to my neck and shoulders, but that’s gone now. Since 2011 I haven’t been to the chiropractor or had any other treatment for this. My tinnitus is gone and my foot has got better.”

Aching Hands

”I’ve had a really bad pain in my hands for several years. During this Summer Course, my hands got hot like boiling water and the pain disappeared. My hands feel very nice, and it feels great, I’m stronger now.”


sommarkurs 2018 fatima malin magda armarna ut

Virus Infection on the Brain

”When I was 20 years old, 30 years ago, I got a virus infection on the brain and I’ve been suffering from the effects of that ever since. My head has been very stiff and it’s been very hard to hold my head up. During a training session I could feel it starting to loosen up, and I thought “it’s happening now”. Later when getting qi-regulation and when practicing, qi has kept working in that area.”

A Better Life

”A lot is happening. I’ve got calmer, softer and have become a better person. I am here to get a better life and it is getting better, not only during the courses. I manage my daily life in a different way, and I have dealt with a situation that I probably wouldn’t have coped with 10 years ago. I was bullied at work, but by practicing I could make the most of my morning walks, go to work, enjoy the view and get the strength to cope with the day. I have a new job now and everything is amazing there.”


A New Tranquility

“It may sound like a cliché but this really was the best course ever. It is hard to describe what has happened. The training sessions with La Qi have been fantastic. In the end of the course I didn’t want them to end, which is new to me. I have found a new tranquility within me. A feeling of coming home, of waking up.”

I Can See Better

”My body has become a lot softer, my thumbs are relaxed and today I could see better. I could read the name on the shampoo bottle at a distance. I haven’t been able to do that before.”

Changed my Life

“It’s my first time doing qigong. I didn’t have any big expectations but after only 9 days qigong has changed my life. My attitude towards medicines, pills, and quick fixes has changed completely. Instead of putting my trust in pills I am going to put it into qigong. By practicing regularly and being determined, I’m sure my life will change a lot. I am very grateful for these 9 days.”


Very Tired Brain

”I'm here with my daughter on my first 9 day course. I’m sensing big changes. I came here with a very tired brain after an intense period in my life, but after only two days I felt that my mental situation was much better. I am also much softer and my knee and leg has been improved. To me, these are big changes and I am very grateful for it.”

Calm, Happy and Contented

”I don’t use the sleeping pills or antidepressants that I had done for a long time. When I came here, I found that everyone was so calm and relaxed while I was really stressed, with tense shoulders and feeling under a lot of pressure. But yesterday when I went to the supermarket, I realized that I was walking slowly like a snail. A natural result without any sleeping- or anxiety pills. I am calm and happy and contented.”


sommarkurs ett 2018 solnedgang nossan

Wonderful Experience

”The cabaret was such a wonderful experience. After that every day has been better and better. One thing I observed is that my arms are steady. Usually they shake a bit, for example when I eat. It is as if somebody has poured oil into my shoulders and this is a significant improvement. Thank you!”

Inner Strength

”I came here for the first time the summer of 2015. I got my life back. I was driven here laying down in a car. I was very weak and my health was very poor. That changed completely here. When your health has been bad for a long time you can really get into a bad state, day to day, both physically and mentally. I have been working to rebuild all that has been torn down and this method is helping me do that. It is nice to feel that I have an inner strength. There can be tough days, but the training is my medicine.”

Blissful Joy

”The most fantastic thing this year is the blissful joy I felt during the first few days - the kind of happiness you usually feel when you have just fallen in love with someone. I am in love with the qi-field.”


Su Dongyue