Hold Qi Up Ystad [2018-04-21]

The course was held in the central part of Ystad, with both new and more experienced participants. Several participants already did practise for years and told they find it rewarding to repeat courses.

One participant was unable to join the Friday lecture because of lots of pain in both legs since long time, and feeling exhausted. Even if being doubtful to attend the course, at last the participant joined the whole weekend. After the course, the participant reported the pain was gone, and having a feeling of being much healthier, stronger and happier. A close relative told it was “like a miracle”.

Another participant joined only one day and became very alert afterwards, making a fantastic golf round the same evening. The following day, this participant went out for usual running exercise and felt an unusually good flow in the steps.

Some comments from the participants:

Improved mind

This was my first course and I liked this weekend much, being surprised I could focus this much.

I feel calmer in my mind and softer in my body, like usually after a course.

I have practised for some years. I used to have several health problems, which became much better or disappeared after starting to practise. Since some time, I feel that practising Zhineng qigong makes me calmer and improves my ability to manage daily life. During this course, I felt an unusually great calm. Also, I have not disturbed myself with things that I normally get disturbed by.

Improved balance

I started to practise last autumn. I have poor balance, which has improved very much.

More energy

This was my first course. It has been a holistic experience and I feel filled with positive energy.

Help from the qi field

I have practised for many years. I try to repeat as many courses as I can, because I feel a big difference when practising together in the qi field compared to practising alone. I have never regretted attending any course. Zhineng qigong has helped me very much, both physically and mentally. I feel safe to have access to this method.

I got much help from Zhineng qigong, and I much like to repeat courses. It is an opportunity to be in the qi field where improvements come much faster.


Lars Sigebo