Almuñécar [2018-04-21]

Course Report, Spain 2018The number of participants of our training trip to Spanish Alumñécar have been increasing steadily. Now, at our third trip, last week in April, we were a group of 43 people. An extra bit of fun was that this year a larger group from Norway joined us.

The schedule for the days hasn't changed, it is adapted to Spanish conditions with a afternoon siesta. We practised at the beach in the early morning, then practised some more before noon and a last set in the evening. The afternoons were free for the participants to spend as they liked, enjoying life, rest, hang out, walk around in the surroundings sight seeing in the beautiful town, eating tapas at one of the city's many restaurants or maybe sunbathing and swimming.

Spanien 2018 kursrapport 5

A lot of people expressed great joy about practising at the beach, standing with the face towards the horizon of the Mediterranean listening to the eternal sound of the soothing waves. One participant wrote in the evaluation: ”Practising at the beach, a fantastic start of the day!”. Another one: ”The morning practise at the beach is magical and I become very calm by both the soothing sound of the waves aswell as the practise itself”. Joining us at the beach was also some participants from the local training-group in Almuñécar.

Our local contact, Brita, took us for a tour of Almuñécar the first day. Not least the tips on restaurants she recommended were appreciated. In the middle of the week vi made a bus trip up in the mountains and visited a village where they produced chocolate. On the way home we stopped at a museum for olive oil. Our guide for the day, Bosse, guided us in a both amusing and informative way about everything possible during the trip, all of great benefit for us visitors. Next year a lot of people are asking for a trip to Alhambra, where we went the first year.

Course Report, Spain 2018

Some comments from the written evaluation:

”Perfect with a holiday with like minded people and great practise at the same time.”

“Being together for several days and getting to know each other gives a better "interaction" to the practise, and increases the good experience."

”Almuñécar is a calm and a not too big nor too small city. Please arrange more trips, it's great to combine Qigong with holidays and leisure time. Thanks a lot!”

”For me it's been a fantastic way to combine holidays with training. I am grateful for the possibility to participate. Thanks for a fantastic week. I'm so happy and feeling so good!”

Spanien 2018 kursrapport 7

”It's been very nice, great sense of community and fantastic training! Very nice places for practise, the beach and the 10 th floor.”

”Great food, nice rooms and great service.”

”Very nice staff at the hotel.”

”Good mix of theory, good Qi and good communication. The mind and the body feels so good after this week.”

Course Report, Spain 2018

Some comments from the participants:

The Right Wrist Improved

”I've gotten improvements in my right hands wrist. Before it kind of been behaving as it wishes, but now it more adheres to my directions and my will. Both the training and the whole set-up have been very pleasant.”


”The second year, great set-up. I suffer from exhaustion, I'm improving. It's moving the right direction. Very good to be this relaxed.”

Reduced Function of the Kidneys

”I've been practising Qigong for ten years and have participated in a lot of summer courses. I have reduced function in my kidneys and is therefore using the drug Ketogan which is a form of morphine. During the course here in Spain I have not had to take it the last 3 nights. I have a very positive experience of this course.”

Helps in Many Ways

”I have been practising since 2010. It helps in many ways. My body is less stiff, I'm calmer and more harmonic.”

Spanien 2018 kursrapport 6


”The practise has helped me a lot with stress. At work I was a lot calmer. Now I'm retired. I practise in the evenings and then I sleep well. I've got a lot of help with corrections.”


”I feel a lot softer, so nice. No need to think, you just practise and then things turn out as they turn out. To practise like this is fantastic, such a privilege.”

Interesting Journey

”I'm quite new to Qigong and participated in my first course in march this year. I've been feeling very exhausted in my everyday life and really enjoyed my first course. This course here in Spain is the first longer course I participate in and I feel the positive effect of practising many days in a row. It's been working in a lot of places in my body, amongst others in my back. The Qigong feels like a interesting journey.”


“The training gives me peace, focus and awareness. It's a form of exercise I can practise regardless of state. This last year something has happened with my migraine, I usually have 2-4 attacks a week and it has been like that for long. Last year there have been periods of about 2 months with much less seizures. Nice that something is happening with that. When I first came here I had a chair and sat down a little during La Qi. Took away the chair later in the week and have been standing up. Took it back on Thursday for a little while but then I have been standing up again. Nice group. Came here and knew nobody, it's great to be able to talk to everyone and smile with everyone."

Spanien 2018 kursrapport 8

Impaired feeling in the legs

"This fall, my body began to say “no” after a period of intense work. I got reduced feeling in my legs. Then I started practise Qigong again. Last Christmas, I began regain the feeling and today my legs work normally. It has been a very good course." 

Like an Orchestra

“Have been practising since 2004 and have gotten a lot from Qigong. For instance my neck, had to wear neck-support for a period. But now my neck is fine. Have had small outgrowths on my body that has disappeared during courses, without even leaving a scar or mark. That have happened once during Summer course and once at a weekend course with very few participants. My stomach, which I've had a lot of problems with, have improved. Better focus at work. The Qigong gives a lot. I think about that a qigong-group is like an orchestra. The better the interplay, the better for everyone. Everyone follows the conductor. And there is room for everyone, everyone is needed in an orchestra. Will never quit practising Qigong.”

Stretched the Body

“Very good training, it's working in my body. My body got a good stretch and it is working in my knee. Thank you very much.”

Been able to resume needlework

“I've always enjoyed needlework, but due to back problems I had to stop when I was 16. After practising Qigong my back have gotten a lot better and 2-3 years ago I could resume needlework. I'm very happy for that because needlework means a lot to me.”

Strong Qi-field

“I've been able to walk 6 km straight here at the course, that's huge for me. It's been a very strong qi-field, I enjoy the training and don't want the training sessions to end.”Spanien 2018 kursrapport 9


“It's my second time on this trip to Spain. When I came home from last year's course I decided to practise regularly at home. On this course it's been fun to practise and I've felt a lot stronger, it's been a development since the last course.”

Great mental help

“I've been practising Qigong for a year and this is my first time at a longer course. I have experienced big changes in my body during the course. I also have a great help in the mental area, for example to sort out thoughts I don't need in my everyday life.”

Qigong is my Life Saver

“This course has strengthened me a lot, both mentally and physically. Qigong is my life saver.”

I'm coming back!

“Thanks for a lovely course, I'm coming back!”

Better Sleep

“I started practising Qigong a year ago. I have problems in my lumbar region and have felt it working there a lot during this course. I have also had a better quality of sleep here than at home, during the course. At home I practise every day at specific time. Thanks for a very nice course, I would really like to come along to Spain again.”

Lars Hagner

Course Report, Spain 2018