Hold Qi Up & Easy Care Eyes Sundbyberg [2017-08-21]

This course started a co-operation project with Sundbyberg Municipalitys Childcare and Education Department. A group of language teachers have since this course in August regularly met and practiced at their work place.

Apart from Hold Qi Up the participants also learnt Easy Care - Eyes. They were very positive about the course and many were surprised about the good results.

Comments from the course in August:

Softer neck

"I've had pain in my neck and I haven't been able to move my neck so much. After two days of training I could move my neck. I recommend this to everybody."

Back pain and stress released

"This has helped me a lot, although it has only been for two days. I was very stressed before, now I feel calm. I had a back pain and I have much less pain now. So I'm grateful. I will continue."

Shoulder pain released and energy level increased

“I've had a painful right shoulder for a couple of weeks and in the beginning some movements were tough. Today it went better. I don't have much pain any more. I also got a lot of energy. I was very happy and alert yesterday evening. I even washed up at ten o'clock which doesn't happen often."

Pain disappeared quickly

"I had a painful right shoulder. But yesterday all pain disappeared after the qi regulation. When I came home I thought ”Wow! It really disappeared.” Now I feel good."

Better sleep

“For a very long time I've had a lot of sleeping problems. This will be a very good tool for me. Yesterday I slept very well. I feel healthy and rested today. Physically everything feels good but I have problems with distracting thoughts. It's hard for me to stop thinking. I always have to think of something. So I look forward to use this to calm down my thoughts."

Calmer and happier

"I've practiced this qigong method for some time. Before I started with qigong I had a very anxious body. Before I went to work I couldn't move, I had to take a hot shower first. Qigong made me better. I got calmer, happier. This is very good. Now I understand better how to do it. I will practice my whole life. When I was away from home and didn't have a cd player I missed it so much. I wanted to come home to practice as soon as possible. This has affected me very much."


Comments from follow-up training day 8 januari 2018:


Regained strength fast

"When we met in November to practice I was very ill before we met. I coughed a lot and thought about going to the doctor. But I decided to go and practice with my colleagues instead. During the training I felt very good and the coughing disappeared. Today the same thing happened. When I woke up I felt ill and I sweat a lot. I came here with no enthusiasm but after one hour I felt great. I didn't feel cold, I didn't sweat any more. In the afternoon I was filled with energy."

Tensions released

"Sometimes my muscles feel tensed. Then the qigong training helps a lot."

Cold released

"This morning I felt I had a cold. I thought it would be tough to practice the whole day. At first it was a little difficult but soon it went well. When we did the whole Hold Qi Up it went so well and I could breath well. I could feel that I got entirely well."

Stress released

"I've been stressed for two weeks but today I feel calm."

Patrik Rastija