Winter Course Shenxin Qigong Karlskoga [2018-02-19]

96 expectant participants reached this year´s Winter Course which was arranged at Karlskoga folk high-school where we have been the last few years. This year, the weather was more wintery than previous years, with beautiful white snow and fresh air.

Winter Course 2018 picture 1

The qi-field was strong, and the participants got a lot of qi and good results even during the opening basic course. A new element for this year was that we arranged a course in EasyCare – Eyes which was much appreciated. We organized an additional short course during the Winter Course (qi-comb regulation), but apart from those courses, our main focus was on Shenxin Qigong during these days.

Several factors contributed to the good ambiance: To see training friends again who have become one's good friends, to get to know some new participants and to have the opportunity to share one´s qigong-experiences, the strong qi-field and that the arrangement went so smoothly. This year´s questionnaire showed that 81 % of the participants had an increased energy level, 72 % was less stressed and 70 % had an improved physical status after the course, which is illustrated in the diagram below.

Vinterkurs 2018 diagram ENG

Some of the positive comments we heard from the participants follows here:

My arm works again

"My results began even with the basic course. When I first got here, I was completely handicapped because my whole right side, shoulder and the muscles in my arm was affected. I was in incredible pain. The doctors thought that it was an inflammation, so they provided me with cortisone, but it did not get better. I had been completely handicapped for ten weeks, I could not lift my arm, I could not even do ordinary things such as cut the dinner on my plate. But even after the first day here I was waving to you, and now after this course, which has been wonderful, I can lift it up from the side. I can lift my arm above my head and put my hand on my ear. It is incredible. Thank you so much for all the qi you have shared and to our teachers who made this course so good. Thank you.”

More energy than in five years

“This is my first Winter Course and basic course. These eight days I have had more energy than I have had for the past five years. I have lived with ME or chronic fatigue syndrome for five years and I have tried many various things, both training and treatments and nothing has helped. I attended the Summer Course this summer and I had an experience of functioning: To practise and be social, live in a dormitory and so on. I returned home with a sense of hope for the future. I had quite a good summer and I have managed to keep up the training. And then I got here and learned a new method and I am experiencing a strong desire and motivation to continue practicing. Thanks a million for a wonderful course and qi-field.“

More flexible and less back pain and more relaxed socially

“Thank you so much for a lovely course. Many different things have happened during this course. It started at the basic course when we had the eye course, I could sit down the whole course without intense back pain. I am so happy about that, and I noticed afterwards a mental difference. I do not need to be as stressed as before when we are eating, I do not have to get up and walk somewhere because of the pain. The last morning I woke up with back pain and thought “Oh no! How dull!” but then I remembered what we have learned: The first thought one has in the morning affects one´s attitude throughout the day. Then I thought that it will all be fine. First, I was going to use the qi-comb method, then do the eye training and then walk to the training hall to prepare some tea together with some others before the morning practice. I looked forward to that. When I reached the training hall, the qi-field was so nice, so I warmed up with some knee bends. I did a few and my hands reached the floor! I have practised Shenxin every day during the autumn, but I have not reached the floor with my hands. Not even after a whole day and then attending group training in the evening have I managed that. And it was so easy now. It made me very happy. I have felt my waist relaxing during the Winter Course. It is interesting to see what will happen. During this course I have had a very good time with everyone, been able to sit and talk and spend time with others in a very relaxed way. I am very happy about that as well. Thank you all for being so nice and kind and letting everyone be who they are.“

Winter Course 2018 picture 3

Less pain and more flexible

“I was a bit nervous since this is my first Winter Course, but it went better than I expected. I have been in pain, but the great thing is when the pain suddenly disappears as one is practicing. That is incredible. That does not happen in any other kind of practice. I have been on sick leave since December due to an operation and I was not able to get dressed by myself a month ago. Now I train nine repetitions without lowering my arms. I am incredibly happy! After the course I was even able to start working fulltime again!”

Less migraine

“I started to practise qigong 7 years ago. I had very severe migraine back then. Step by step, it has improved a lot. This is the first course where I have not felt any pain in my head.“

Better arms and back more upright

“I have had problems after a car accident, when I started training, my arms fell down shaking. During last year´s Winter Course, they stopped shaking and I could hold my arms up. That lasted until this autumn when I fell and hurt my back but when I got here, I thought that they would stop shaking during this course. Suddenly one day, they were shaking less and now it is completely gone. The last day I felt that my back was improved. I became taller and can sit evenly on both sides.”

Winter Course 2018 picture 2

Calm and the darkness not so disturbing

“This is my first Winter Course. It was a strong experience for me to work through the new exercise, a good experience. Qigong helps me to calm down and to sleep. I experience the dark time of the year less dark when I practise.”

Good focus and improvements in the neck

“It’s been a great course. I’ve noticed that it’s been easy to focus after the breaks, getting back to the qigong state of mind and to keep it for a long time. Qi has worked in my neck. It’s been a long process but I’m happy that it happens now.“

More energy and motivation

“This is my first Winter Course. Thanks to everybody! Thanks to my translators and to everybody I’ve spoken to. Everywhere. It’s been a wonderful friendly experience. I’ve got a cold and I feel a bit worse but people tell me that it’s positive and that I should be happy. The first day I looked with envy at people bending down but I’m thrilled that I could do that. I get so much energy from bending. I will come back in the summer and tell you that I’ve practised every day.”

Winter Course 2018 picture 4

Good sleep and free from coughs

“I have had really bad coughs for the past five years. I have coughed until I throw up. I have woken up every night from it. The first night here I woke up. The second night, I´d put a bottle of water next to my bed but in the morning, I noticed that I had not touched it. Since then the cough is gone. I have been sleeping well.“

Improved in stomach and more energy and positivity

“This is my first Winter Course. I have stomach problems and have had it for a while, it was quite problematic before coming here. Qi has worked in my stomach during the training. The results are clear, it is better but not completely well yet. I´m much calmer now than when I got here. I have a few challenges ahead in my private life and when I got here they seemed impossible to overcome. But now I have more energy and they don´t seem as big anymore. I´m looking forward to getting back home and dealing with the challenges.”

More energy than at home

“It’s my first Winter Course and it’s been good to be here. I thought I would sleep a lot since that’s what I’ve done the last months due to the pregnancy. I had low expectation on what I would be able to do. The first day I got very dizzy. But then it’s almost been as usual, that I sleep a little and still I’m energetic. Compared to what it’s been like at home it’s amazing. The baby has been very energetic. The baby has started to practise when I’ve stopped practising.”

Less pain and nice atmosphere

“This was my first Winter Course. I was very emotional coming here, but it´s better now when the pain in my legs is disappearing. Step by step during the first days the pain has been disappearing in my legs and from my lower back. I can’t remember having this little pain. It is amazing! I also want to thank everybody for being so nice! It’s so unusual to be in a context where everyone is so kind.”

Results over time

“I always think it’s a bit difficult to say anything about the results here the last day, because I often experience the results when I come home. I thought about how much better it goes now compared to my first Winter Course, one can see progress over time too and not just expect all the best results directly because at least it’s been like that for me. Otherwise everything has been good, as usual.”

Increased strength and concentration

“This is my first Winter Course and thank you for a good course. I´m much more flexible in my body and I´ve started to find certain muscles again. It feels great to be able to use the strength that I have in my body, that has been absent for a while. My concentration has improved also. I´m happy I came here, I decided to come at the last minute. Thank you.”

Recognize oneself again

“I’ve had a very good course. I have started to recognize myself a bit. I’ve been very sad, for a long time, I have felt indifferent. That has not been me at all. During this course I’ve had a very good time and laughed, and I have felt happy. That is very positive. It feels as if my chest has opened slightly. When I’ve been down before, I’ve laughed when someone has said something amusing, but it has only been on the surface, I haven’t felt the connection inwards. But now I have done that and it’s been good fun and very nice.”

Clearer in the head and improvements in the body

“After the free afternoon we had three hours practice and we started with a Shenxin, and suddenly I noticed how something breathes in me. It wasn’t me who decided over my breathing, but suddenly I feel that I breathe with my stomach and exactly where it hurts the most, in and out. I’ve tried to deliberately breathe with my stomach because I realize that it’s locked there in some way, but I can’t unless I lay down. But I did during that entire Shenxin. And I was so focused, I’ve never been so focused on my practise and I did not think about anything else then. After that, we practised Kai He Fa and then some kind of complete renovation of me occurred. The renovation is not yet completed but a good start. With my left knee, my right hip, my left shoulder, which is sloping. It opened up in some way. The longer Kai He Fa lasted, the more places it spread to. And then I suddenly felt that my fingers relaxed, my arms relaxed, my legs were still. And then tears started to come, I cried out of thankfulness. Everything just came to me. It was just amazing. So now I hope that this renovation will continue. And I’ve had a lot more energy during this course than I’ve had for a very long time. I’m on sick leave for fatigue syndrome and have been that for over six months and now I work half-time, so it’s probably a lot that is connected to this.”

Inner strength

“I like the feeling of inner strength one gets from the practice and how the qi-field helps. How much better one can get into the practice with a deep calm, one gets much more qi. Perhaps especially from Three Center Merge that I like very much. It is incredibly direct. Strong regulation. I also like the simplicity, making oneself simpler. Very nice course. Thank you.”

Regained the warmth

“I think it has been a very nice course. I think it’s well arranged here in Karlskoga, with structured practice and we are well here, everything has worked very nicely here with the food. It is just easy. I think that it is noticeable that we have a lot of qi, that the exercises we do get easier. I think it has been very nice. I’ve noticed this winter that my hands and arms have been a little cold. Normally I’m very warm and I don’t think that I'm freezing but my partner has noticed that I’m cold. And then I’ve also realized that I’ve often been cold this winter. That warmth is back. This week I don’t think that I’ve been cold, but instead the opposite. Thank you very much.”

Xing Shen Zhuang feels better

“It’s always nice to do the first Xing Shen Zhuang after a Summer- or Winter Course. But yesterday was something special. Every detail, every position, felt better - a lot better. All parts of the exercise felt much better. Perfect. A great feeling. So now I will practice Shenxin Qigong during the spring and I hope to get the same effect this summer!”

Qi-comb method gives better sleep

“My daughter, for whom it takes a long time to fall asleep, was very happy about her qi-comb. In the evening she wanted to use the qi-comb because she liked the feeling and then she fell asleep in a couple of minutes! Amazing, that never happens otherwise! It works at home also, not only at the course.”

Herbjörn Wilhelmsen