Summer Course Training Gothenburg [2018-01-03]

Summer Course Training Gothenburg January 2018

The common commentary that "there is not a better start of the new year" was especially accurate this year when our teacher Su Dongyue came to visit us in Gothenburg. He started the summer course training with a well attended and appreciated lecture. He also held an Easy Care Eyes course. Many of us where happy that new participants now could learn the eye excercise.

The upgrade of the qi field in Gothenburg could clearly be noticed. Already at the beginning of the course many participants felt very calm and many could also directly feel a powerful training effect. Summer course training is getting more and more popular and many travel a long way to participate. Thanks to a change of training hall there was place for everyone.

One of the happiest participants was a woman who had hesitated about coming to the course. Here follows her and other participants comments:

Pain and Fatigue Disappeared

"I was really undecided whether to come to this course or not. Then I read about someone's results in the Autumn course and I thought "Yes I must go". I'm so glad I came, it's been far better than I ever expected it to be. I've had a tough year, it's taken a bit toll of my health, and I had joint pain and just generally felt tired and unwell. In the time I've been here I just feel like a completely different person. The pain is disappeared. One of the lovely things about qigong courses is that I can be in this place and feel so happy. It moves me very much. I'm happy in other parts of my life but this is quite remarkable. It's a very special feeling."

Like a New Person

"I've been very tired and ill all Christmas. Here I've felt very well. I feel wealthy and alert and I'm stronger. I feel like a new person."

Can Stand Up

"This time I could stand up! It's been fantastic. All summer I had to sit down and practice. I'm very happy."

Better Blood Sugar Levels 

"Comparing this autumn with the autumn the year before this autumn has been much better. Fewer illnesses and more alert. The difference is that we have practiced more. I got a diabetes diagnosis in 2012. The last days my blood sugar levels have been much better."

More flexible neck

"I've had neck pains for a very long time. It's not entirely well now but I can turn my head to the sides much more now. Before I couldn't do it; I had to turn my entire body. Much better now."

Arm Better with Relaxation

"My arm has troubled me for a year, after I hurt it when carrying heavy things. The arm was first injured in 1997. It got well with qigong and it has been good until last year. Now it feels entirely different, like it's healing from within. It was really bad before this course. Today I could get the arm up in the arm training but I have to relax very well. And look! Now I can lift it! It worked better when I tried to relax more instead of trying to force it."

Calm with Full Speed

"I'm very grateful for this course. It's been great. I found my calmness much more than usual. I've never been able to do the exercises so focused as this time. Much less disturbing thoughts. I've felt that I've trained the life. I've been more alert coming home in the evenings. Usually I've been exhausted after course days. This time it has been full speed all the time, in a good way and not in a stressful way. I've come a step forward in my training, I start to understand what this is about."

Patrik Rastija