Hold Qi Up Oslo [2018-03-03]

Oslo 3 mar 2018

During two cold but sunny weekend days 12 people gathered in Oslo to learn Hold Qi Up. Nearly half the crowd were new participants and the expectations were high. The qi-field was strong and noticeable results showed already before lunch on Saturday. Read the participants own words:

Improvements in knee and arms

"I had a big meniscus injury for 11-12 years, which I did surgery on. After three weeks I was back at a course again. It has hurt a lot but every course it has improved. This time I have almost not had to sit down at all. It is also easier to twist and it is easier to lift my arms."

Inflammated arm much better

"I came here with my left arm inflammated from my wrist to my shoulder. I felt a real improvement during the weekend. Already before lunch on Saturday I noticed that I had improved and it was a really big difference from the first time I lifted my arms to the last time I lifted my arms. Clearly noticeable! Also my right knee has improved a little. I twisted it in the slalom slopes."

Improved hips, straighter back and better stance

"I took my first qigong course this autumn. I have congenital defects in my hips, hip dysplasia, and a skew back that during the months from October has started to straighten out. During this course I have started to learn how to stand again. Now I manage to have weight on both my feet."

Livelier and more energy

"Something happens in the body. One feels more lively and gets more energy. I notice, when I have been at the Monday practices here, that my legs run fast away from here. There is such an ease in my body. Now I have had some pain in my left shoulder but that pain is plain and simple gone."

Could finally practice despite illness

"I took my first qigong course this summer, the Summer Course. Then I had been ill for four years. It was a great aha experience that I could practice and that it worked."

Help with posture and easy to do

"It has felt very good. This form of training seems to be something I could think of doing because it is easy to do. One doesn’t need any equipment. I am very sway-backed but for the first time i my 61-year long life, I have understood how my back should be."

Carolina Friberg