Hold Qi Up Kalmar [2018-02-03]

Many of the participants on the course are experienced after attending courses with us for many years. Their ability helps the beginners to concentrate and get the most out of the course. 

Comments from some of the participants:

Fulfilled Expectations

“I have practised for seven years. My expectations regarding the course has been fulfilled. I feel softer and smoother. Often I notice my results some time after the course. For example, two weeks after last years summer course, I felt like I was seventeen years old again. I felt full of energy and soft. Keep on practising, it can contribute a lot.”

“I come from a town called Lund. I´m here because practising qigong has helped me a lot. So much that I think it´s worth travelling here to join the course.


“This was my second course. The first course I focused totally on the movements. I felt much softer during this course. I have much less pain in my body. It´s nice to hear all the fantastic personnel stories from other participants.”

Inner Calm

“I have practised for fourteen years. I should be able to always feel this good. Probably if I practised more I would. I have always wished for a greater inner calm.”

“I want to find my inner peace. I work a lot and my life is like a big puzzle. The weekend was comfortable.”


“I practise every morning, and it´s real pleasure. I can keep focused in a much deeper way when I practise. The course was great, I feel happy.”

“I´m curious and I want to increase my ability to focus. My thoughts are everywhere. It´s preventive maintenance for the body. It seems like the qigong group here is very nice.”

Practise Regularly

“I can not resist practising qigong. I just have to practise. To practise regularly is very important. I think the course was great.”

Bone Density

“I have been longing for the course, to meet all my qigong friends again. I have had fragile bones. My doctors have measured my bone density and it has increased with seven percent.”


“Qigong has made it possible for me to get up from bed. My body used to scream in chaos. I broke my leg last year. The doctors said I wouldn’t be able to get back the mobility. They were wrong, I completely recovered.”

Johannes Nordgaard