Autumn Course Bergen [2017-11-16]

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On the autumn course at Dyrkolbotn Mountain Lodge north of Bergen we were a small group but the atmosphere was very relaxed and cozy. The participants found it a very special course, "the best autumn course this far" as some of them said. The fellowship was very good and after the meals we stayed at the table for a long time. This secluded place in the mountains make surroundings very well suited for practicing qigong. Some comments from the participants:

Softer back and pelvis
"I feel that I've upgraded in this course. I feel softer around my pelvis and in my back. I had a lot of headaches before and during the course. Now the headaches are gone. I feel good.”

Practice with relaxation
"Previously I’ve practiced with a lot of will power and in a tensed way. I've always used my will power to get straight and to relax and correct myself. But now I couldn't find any way to do it. Then I thought that the only tool, or possibility I had, was to relax. And then I noticed that something happened in my body, it got much more pleasant and it went much easier. Relaxation is not that bad! My back is softer now.”

The mind is important
"I spend time to prepare myself before practicing because then the results get better. We need to use our mind with this method. Our wish about what we want to achieve must come from our heart.”

A lot of qi
"This was my first autumn course. There has been a lot of qi here. A very instructive course.”

Constipation and painful intestines
"It has worked well in my breast and where I have most problems. I've also got rid of constipation caused by medication. But I've had painful intestines but that pain is gone now. I've also felt it work in a toe, which I have problems with caused by medication. I will try to practice well even if it hurts.”

Being more social
"It's been a very different course, very calm. I usually find it a little hard to socialize in bigger courses, I get disturbed when it's not so calm, which of course also is a good practice for me. But here I didn't want to leave the table, which is unusual. And the environment here is so beautiful and calm. We can use that to get calmer.

Patrik Rastija

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2017 Autumn Course Bergen, participants practicing in the training hall