Shenxin Qigong Kalmar [2017-11-18]

Motivated students and a strong qi field describes the course in Shenxin qigong in Kalmar.

Some comments from the participants:


”I have practised since 2010. To practise qigong is the best thing I have done the last seven years. I have some problems with one of my shoulders, It gets better when I practise. I´m so grateful for having qigong. During the first day it felt like the air was trembling. The qi was very strong.”

”I have practised for many years. Attended winter courses a couple of times. It´s great to repeat the courses. I´m happy I can attend courses where I live.”


”I feel stronger and more alert. Thanks for a great course.”

Snake Arm

”I´m wondering why I don´t practise more snake arm. I need that exercise.”

Back Pain

”I have back pain. During the lunch I tried to jog and it felt ok. The back feels better.”

Great Feeling

”I have no sensations to declare. I want to say thanks for feeling great. Thanks for a great course.”


Johannes Nordgaard