Hold Qi Up 2 Stockholm [2017-11-25]

On the last week-end of November, we arranged the course Hold Qi Up 2 in Stockholm. We were many who gathered Saturday morning to learn more about how to practice our main exercise in an even better way. There were participants among us who had traveled from other places, also from Finland and Norway.

HQU2 Stockholm November 2017

To be allowed to participate in the course Hold Qi Up 2, one must previously have participated in a basic course in Hold Qi Up. We improve what we’ve learnt at the basic course by in different ways strive towards a higher quality in the training.

Comments from participants:

Better back

“My back pain has improvement. Nice course and relaxing mentally. I got good corrections and I can relax in my body after the correction.”

Stressed and nervous

“I was a bit unsure to come to this course, I felt stressed and nervous. Now it feels good and more calm. It is fascinating that after a small correction, a lot can change.”

Sense of community

“Thank you for the course, it has been very calm. It is lovely to do things together with other people, there is a nice sense of community that one can join.”

HQU2 Stockholm November 2017

Calmed down

“I enjoyed coming here. It has been busy at work, I’ve been sitting still in front of the computer too much. My shoulders and neck have been hurting me. It’s been a great course, I’ve managed to calm down. Thank you so much.”


“The course went by very quickly, it’s been very nice. Every time there is a week-end course, it feels really good. ”

Constant back pain

“I’ve practiced for about five years. I’ve had constant back pain, it has successively improved. After the Summer Course, a lot of the pain went away, it feels as if some part of the pain goes away every day, in my neck or in my back. During a training session or afterwards. It feels as if the blood circulation improves in these places.”

The back pain disappeared

“The back pain disappeared completely, my lower back usually pains me. My back is actually healthy now.”

Land in myself

“I feel that I calm down after a week-end course like this. I’ve been all geared up since one and a half week back. I feel that I land in myself now. I’ve had tensions in the abdominal region, but now when we did an exercise, it went away. It felt as if it expanded. The lungs filled up with air. Amazing to breathe properly. Many things have happened during the last half year, since the Summer Course. Like a half turnaround. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be here together in the qi-field, I kind of don’t want to leave. The sense of community, that everyone helps each other out.”

Lars Hagner

HQU2 Stockholm November 2017