Autumn Course Karis [2017-11-09]

The Autumn course in Finland was arranged for the second time at the diocesan center Lärkkulla, a place we like so very much. It is a nice, calm environment with good accomodation and tasty food. We feel very welcome there. This was our 10th Autumn course in a row in Finland and we celebrated that. A few of us have attended the course every year and many of us have participated in several Autumn courses. The anniversary was marked with a small exhibition of all the group photos that have been taken over the past years.

Group photos from the Autumn courses in Finland 2008 - 2016 The Autumn course is a training course and the good thing about it is that everyone is already familiar with what will be practiced. The qi-field is there and in a short time, the training flows and one enters a qigong state. This leads in turn to a greater calm which contributes to the results. For some who had previously only  participated in a two-day course, this was their first longer course. They rapidly joined the feeling of community and practiced well, together with the more experienced participants.

Group photo from the Autumn course in Finland 2017 On the Friday night, we organized the “song evening”, according to the tradition, where many participate in some way. People appreciate the song evening and find it amusing, just like the cabaret at the Summer course. It feels important to relax with one another socially, with warmth and humour. We remembered the warm atmosphere and feeling of togetherness from other years. We are a group of equals, no one is above the others, and we can all learn from each other. Together we do our best in order to give ourselves and each other a healthier and more harmonious life.

In the written course evaluation one of the questions asked was what the participants thought about the course as a whole, from a scale from 1 to 7, where 7 is very good and 1 is very bad. The average answer was 6,65.

Here follows some of the comments after the course:

Stronger and more upright

”The history of my physical state is a muscle disease and some nerve damage. My muscles have become stronger through my qigong practice. After each course I feel stronger. I have started to work with the thought of becoming completely well.

Photo from the Autumn course in Karis, Finland 2017I regularly go to physiotherapy and I have tried a machine there which enables me to stand completely upright. After trying that, I have regained the body memory of what it is like to stand upright. During the autumn, I have used the Qi-comb every day. One day, I noticed that I had a lump (a kind of wart) at the back of my neck and I let a doctor remove it. More recently, I got a similar lump, but it has disappeared completely after this Autumn course.

About a month ago, I fell and got a fracture in my foot. It has been painful and I have had some difficulties walking but now it feels as if the fracture has healed during the course.”

Calmer mind

”This autumn has been stressful at work because I’m trying to finish my doctoral thesis. Coming here, I had difficulties relaxing my mind. Slowly, I’ve been able to let the thoughts of work go. I noticed that it was my body that relaxed first and then my mind.”

Start practicing efficiently again

”I could have stayed and practiced here for quite a while. I’ve had a demanding year, which has made me practice less. Now I’ve received a kick to start practicing more efficiently again.”

Photo from the Autumn course in Karis, Finland 2017Get help with mental problems

”I was very tired when I arrived at the course, so I have rested a lot during the pauses. The training has been going well. I’ve managed well to keep the concentration between both hands during La Qi. My right toe hasn’t touched the floor in a long time because of hallux valgus, but now it does. I have to work a lot mentally. Usually, it changes and feels better mentally after our courses. Sometimes, I have a hard time believing that qigong is helping me but then I realize that this method is good for me. I don’t know how my life would be without qigong.”

Straight knees

”I want to thank everyone who has come to Karis from Sweden. This is my third Autumn course and it has felt very good after a demanding autumn. I have completely enjoyed the course. I used to be knock-kneed, but during the time I have practiced, my knees have straightened out. Now I stand in a different way and I have to get used to that.”

Straighter back and relaxed muscles

”I attended my first weekend-course in September 2016 and this is my first longer course. I feel that my back has straightened out and that my muscles are more relaxed. One of my legs is shorter than the other and therefore, I have been leaning while standing, but now I stand in a better way. I’ve had an arthrodesis of one of my toes and it’s been difficult to move it, but now the flexibility in the toe is improved. Practicing La Qi feels very important to me.”

Nice atmosphere

”There is always such a friendly atmosphere including the ambiance here at the Autumn courses.”

Photo from the Autumn course in Karis, Finland 2017Back after a long time

”I attended my first basic course in 2005 and I’ve had a long, long pause because I’ve lived abroad. I’m happy I came to the Autumn course because I have been able to improve my movements thanks to very good corrections. I hope I’ll continue practicing.”

Results come after the course

”I’ve practiced since 2003 and I have participated in many different courses. My results usually show themselves after the courses.”

Feel softer

”I needed to participate in a longer course because my body has been stiff. Now, I feel a lot softer and I can sit with my legs crossed. I’m grateful for good corrections.”

Photo from the Autumn course in Karis, Finland 2017Strong tool

”It has been a wonderful course with nice training. A lot of things have straightened out in my body. I’ve had pains because of bad posture while taking care of my little son. Qigong does good things; it makes one happy and life improves thanks to it. Qigong is the strongest tool in my life. My son, who has participated, has also got a lot of qi and last night he slept through a whole night for the first time of his life.”

Strong feeling of presence

”I’m a beginner and it has been quite challenging from time to time, I felt exhausted yesterday. Today, I felt very present when we practiced - it was a special experience. It will be exciting to continue practicing.”

Degenerated back

”I started practicing qigong in 2006. Qigong is an amazing tool, I’ve used it to help my back which has some degenerative changes. I relapse sometimes and this autumn especially I’ve had a lot of pain. Last night, I slept well and today I don’t feel so bad. It has been fun to meet others and I’m grateful for the corrections.”

Happy and grateful

”I’m very happy and grateful to be here and that my child and grandchild are also here. Thank you.”

Photo from the Autumn course in Karis, Finland 2017Inspiration from others

”I’ve participated in the Autumn course before, it is very pleasant here. One gets inspiration from others. I’m having troubles with my back but during the past year it has improved, especially after the last Summer course. The tensions in my neck and back have decreased and the same has happened at this course. Thank you.”

Feeling better mentally by practicing

”I was here last year too. I feel better mentally when I practice and join the
weekly practice regularly.”

Important to think positive

”Thanks for a very good course. I have learned new details. The wisdom that you should think positive and accept yourself and others was nice. It is a hard part, the negativity has been in the way the whole time. ”

The good atmosphere is important

”I appreciate the nice atmosphere here. It is as if one meets one’s relatives (given that one has relatives who are pleasant).”

The restaurant in Lärkkulla 2017My back and spine are straighter

”I’ve practiced since 2010 but I haven’t attended any longer courses recently. I’m glad I could get here. Qigong is a very good tool in everyday life. It feels as if my back and spine have straightened out during this course. It is crucial for me to practice daily. I’ve started to study again and I notice that I’m managing it and that I have the energy to keep up even though I’m the oldest there. I believe that this is thanks to the qigong training.”

Photo from the Autumn course in Karis, Finland 2017Good improvements after the course

”So far, I’ve attended two basic courses in Hold Qi Up, two courses in Hold Qi Up in Spain and two Autumn courses. I always get improvements after the courses and it is easier to work, but the stress comes back with time. Thank you for a very good course. It feels amazing now. I’ve taken medicine towards my heartburn for many years but I was able to give that up after the last course in Spain. Now I’ve promised myself to practice more at home, especially before difficult meetings.”

Move better

”I’ve practiced qigong for ten years. A while ago, someone who I don’t know, asked me if I do any special kind of training since I can move so easily. I was very happy to hear that!”

Lars Hagner