Hold Qi Up Oslo [2017-10-14]

On this crisp, beautiful, autumn day in Oslo, the course venue was filled with anticipative people ready to take part in a week-end course in Hold qi up. Some participants already practice the exercise regularly and several learnt it for the first time. There was an air of concentration and warm heartedness throughout the entire course. Read some of the participants own comments below:

Oslo 14 okt 2017

Improvements in the pelvis, lower back and the kidneys

”I have had massive improvements in my pelvis and lower back where I have had a lot of problems. I have several times cancelled a kidney operation and have felt that my urethra has improved during several weekend courses. And I feel much happier and content since yesterday."

Straight back and happy shulders and arms

”In the begining I was very much bent forward but now my back has straightened out and fallen into place. I walk much easier. The shoulders and arms are very happy when they get this exercise.”

Easier to empty the head from unnecessary thoughts

”This course does something with your inside. Yesterday I didn’t manage to empty my head from unneccesary thoughts but today I could much easier just think about what we were supposed to do.”

Can reach the toes with the hands

”I could reach my toes with my hands and touch the floor! I have almost never been able to do that. Qialso gong helps against stress. I become more focused wich free up more time for me."

Abscess disappeared and the back straightened

”When I came to the course I had an abscess or boil in a surgery wound that had opened. On Saturday evening when I removed the plastic that covered the wound it was gone. I participated in the summer course this year. Since then I have grown 7-8 cm as a result of that my back has straightened."

Carolina Friberg