Summer Course two Nossebro [2017-07-05]

Our courses improve as time goes by. One reason is of course that those who join the courses have practised for a long time, another important reason is that our Qi-field is improving. This time, just like so many times before, the participants also noticed that the course was very good. The best Summer Course up until now, as so many participants have started to express it.

Summer Course two 2017

This year we spent a bit more time practising the exercise which is the main focus at Summer Course two: Xing Shen Zhuang. This dynamic exercise, which is the very core of Zhineng Qigong, can be a bit demanding, but now after practising the exercise for several years and after gaining a stronger Qi-field, then more of the participants perform the exercise better.

As usual, a course in Qi-comb regulation was held. That course is more and more appreciated and several participants told about how they have been able to use this method to get rid of headache and other things.

Apart from the training, this is a very social course with plenty of nice conversations, tasty food and a cabaret where the participants this year gave proof of everything from singing voices and dance movements to comic abilities. This wonderful mix makes the spirits high during the Summer Courses.

Summer Course two 2017, cabaret

This year’s questionnaire showed that 62% increased their energy level, 58% lowered their stress level and 58% improved their sleep compared to before the course. The diagram illustrates this.

Summer course two 2017, diagram

Below, some of the course participants’ comments are found:

The instable foot became stable

“One thing, that has happened, is that the ligaments in my left ankle, which has been instable for at least 40 years, has become as stable as the other foot. That’s a good result!”

Dun qiang gave a greater calm

“I’ve always been able to squat in dun qiang but it’s been hard to find a training routine at home. But since the winter course I’ve practiced dun qiang. And it has been worthwhile. Already at the first lecture it started to work on the lower part of my back and yesterday something released. During the whole course it’s been working a lot in my back. Due to dun qiang, I also feel calmer. La qi has improved enormously.”

Warmer than in many years and less tensions in the shoulders

”It has been a great course. My circulation has improved. Usually I have problems being cold. My hands and feet turn white and blue. Now I’m much warmer than I’ve been in many years. It has also worked on my shoulders a lot. My neck and shoulders are usually tense but it’s almost gone now.”

Many changes and a new force

I’ve got a lot of improvements this year. A lot has happened inside my body. With a new power and with the new qi that I’ve got I’ll be able to get a lot of changes soon. That’s great!”

Summer Course two 2017, roses

Calmer and better at dun qiang

“I’m calmer and softer. I don’t have so many disturbing thoughts now compared to in the beginning of the course. My ability to do dun qiang has improved a lot. Last year I was hanging on to the wall bars and my breathing was hard but yesterday I could squat without problem.”

Could stop taking sleeping pills

”Sleeping problems; I’ve slept well most part of my life but a year ago I got sleeping problems. So I’ve been taking soothing medicines and it has worked well. I fall asleep and sleep well the whole night. It’s great to have those nights every now and then. Maybe I’m a bit addicted to the medicines, not physically but psychologically. When I came here, last year as well, I quit my medicine immediately. I slept well anyway. I’ve done that with oestrogen as well. I’ve stopped taking it when I come here.”

Free from pain without medicine and operation

”When I started to practise, my body was very twisted. I had limped for 15 years. I had severe arthrosis in my left foot and it was getting worse and worse. Two years ago I wasn’t here as I would have had an operation. But the operation was cancelled as I stopped taking the strong painkillers. So I haven’t had any operation. I don’t have any pain in my foot. I still have arthrosis but no pain. The doctors don’t understand how that’s possible. They tried to make me take some terrible medicines which gave me stomach problems and diarrhoea. So I’m very thankful for qigong and what it gives me. I could call and postpone the operation. I got another chance to do the operation but when I said no thanks again they asked if I was really sure. Then I couldn’t change my mind again and get back into the queue. I said I was really sure. I don’t want an operation.”

Better sense of smell and more open respiratory system

I have practised for quite a while. My sinuses and my respiratory system have been clogged with mucus during the Spring. But this course my sense of smell has improved. I can smell much more clearly the wood that is attached to the wall and detergent after cleaning. I have noticed this especially in the training hall. Interesting. Thanks.

The heavy feeling is mainly gone

I had had a tough spring because of a divorce I am going through right now as well as high workload in my professional occupation. As a consequence of this I have experienced several physical complaints such as stomach problems, hard to sleep etc. I have looked forward to coming to this course. Sleeping is no problem here and my stomach is much better now. I also have a more positive outlook on life. The heavy, gloomy feeling has disappeared. Everything feels better. Another thing I want to say is that I am grateful for all wonderful moments of laugher. Thank you!

Su Dongyue

Summer Course two 2017, roses 2