TuiNa and Weituo Jin in Bergen [2017-03-23]

For a while now there has been an interest in TuiNa and Weituo Jin in Bergen. So when we arranged the course quite a few beginners showed up. Although it was some years ago we had this course in Bergen we had almost as many repeating participants as beginners.

The mood of the course was very relaxed, happy and trusting. The participants learned quickly how to get qi using TuiNa and felt the effects of the qi field both during the first two days of TuiNa and the two last days when we practiced the Wei Tuo Jin qigong method.

The participants talked about getting qi, good results (see comments below), that it felt interesting and that repeating the course made the effects significantly better. TuiNa, just as qigong, is a method that requires some training in order to improve the results. Our participants often feel that repeating the course gives better results compared to the first time around.

Bergen Tuina 1

Below you can find some of the participants own comments during and after the course:

Much more energy

"I have much more energy now after the course. It feels wonderful. Today I have attended a meeting, done gymnastics, cooked dinner at home, practiced qigong and I still have more energy left. Lovely!"

Quit antidepressants and painkillers

"After 12 years I have now been able to quit using antidepressants. I've also been able to quit using strong painkillers, and I feel fine! I work as a nurse so I realize that this is amazing!"

Less pain and clear vision

"This is the first time that I am attending a course here. I practiced another form of qigong about a year ago, but I going to continue with this form. I have a whole package of diagnoses, for instance Sjøgrens syndrome. This results in dryness in my eyes, mouth and mucous membranes. I have also had lots of problems with my vision. Now - after the course - my eyes do not feel so dry and I can see clearly. I also have less pain in my back now. So this has been a fantastic experience! "


Bergen Tuina 2

Strong feeling of qi and feel less frozen

"This has been my best course. I have been waiting for it for five years, I think, and now it finally came to Bergen. This is the first time I have felt that I have taken part in the qi field, especially during TuiNa, and I have felt qi in a way that I have never done before at any course, including the Summer course. Today I feel messy in most of my body, so I will wait a little for the result!"

After the course: "I've noticed that I do not feel frozen the way I did before. As soon as the temperature dropped I felt cold, but now I feel warmer."

Getting through life and helping my husband

"I want to say that this training is helping me through everyday life. I am getting a soft body and a clear head, and the most important thing for me is to be able to get up every morning and feel composed. By the way: My husband got the stomach flu and felt very sick to his stomach. After I gave him some TuiNa he immediately felt better!"

Get qi when treating others and appetite regulated

"This is my first TuiNa course, it has really been fun. During the first two days it was actually more fun to give treatment than to receive. I've also noticed that my appetite was regulated somehow. I didn't feel hungry all the time. "

Treated my son and strong feeling of qi

"This is the first time I have practiced this method. I have already been able to use TuiNa. On Friday evening I treated my 12-year old son; he had been through a skiing accident and had pain in his heel. He woke up on Saturday morning without any problems, and he did not even understand that I had treated him! Otherwise this is the weekend course that has given me the strongest feeling of qi, right now I can feel that qi is working inside my head."

Husband slept better after treatment

"I have been to many courses with La Qi and Hold Qi Up. I think this course was different in the aspect that I have learned to give treatment. I tried a little TuiNa on my husband the second evening. He is having some convulsions, but after my treatment he claimed to get better sleep."

Better circulation and eyesight

"This is the first time I am attending this course. I have problems with the circulation in my neck and head, but now I think that the circulation is better in my whole body. My vision is better, and my eyes are not as red as before. These exercises feel more physical than the ones we have learned earlier, so I think they are very good for me. I am going to get up from bed 20-30 minutes earlier every morning to do this training."

Bergen Tuina 3

Repeating the course made everything simpler

"I am repeating the course in TuiNa and Weituo Jin. I understand more now when I repeat the course, everything is simpler and more clear. I have had some problems with my stomach lately, these problems are gone now. I have decided to start doing TuiNa to other people. Thanks for a good course and for the hospitality I have received here."

Herbjörn Wilhelmsen