Hold Qi Up Huntingfield, Suffolk [2017-04-01]

The overall response to the weekend was positive with some insightful comments from the attendees. Some had their first experience of qigong, some were returning after a lapse, others were regulars with experience of the discipline from 2 to 9 years, and some even had attended summer course in Sweden.

Here is some overview from the participants:

Life enhancing

“At first the concept seemed daunting but the course was thoroughly enjoyed and the discipline of continuous practise, whether it be alone or in a group, I considered it to be life enhancing.”

Exhilarating course

“Very impressed with the course. Found it both exhausting and exhilarating and will include practise in daily life.”

“Found standing still challenging, but can see the benefit and will persevere.”

“Just do it”

“I found the discipline of regular practise challenging, but now listens to an inner voice saying “do it” and does!”

“I suffer from ME and when I started to practise qigong, my 9 years old son commented “Whatever it is you´re doing Mum, keep doing it”.

Less physical pain

“Decided to “befriend” qigong after a few lapses. I love the CD and now practices daily, which has lessened some physical pain.”

Practise together beneficial

“Finds the energy in group practice very beneficial and this weekend it felt like a “rush of joy to arms and fingers”. Qi in action!”

Reduced depression

“I began several years ago and though practise can be a bit erratic, I never give up which has helped reduce depression and enhanced energy levels and general fitness.”

Learn and gain more each course

“I have attended several courses and learn and gain more each time. I loved the summer course last year and are going again this year.”

Diminish niggling pain

“The cd is a “friend to rely on” and I find that regular practise helps to diminish niggling pain.”


“Practise can fit into a busy life. Where and when is not important, even in a public place as with eyes closed, people’s reactions are not seen. I even practised in the loo at an airport! Qigong has helped me when I work as a teacher, it is very calming.”

Beneficial to body and mind

“The more you put in, the more you get out. The structure of the practise routine is logical and beneficial to the body and mind. Summer course is emphatically recommended.”


Fatima Ringvall