Hold Qi Up Stockholm [2017-04-01]

As spring approached cautiously, a group of regular qigong students gathered for the second Hold Qi Up course this term in Stockholm. The atmosphere was friendly and pleasant with both new participants and students who have been training with us for many years. Everybody worked together, learned the exercises and created a lot of joy and laughter during breaks.

Here are some comments from participants after the course:

Being Able to Deal with the Things Happening in Life

”I have been training for 11 years. What qigong has given me most of all is that I am now able to manage everything that happens in life extremely well. Whenever you want to charge yourself a little extra, a weekend course is what you require. I also like the social part and that you get to know people easily. You get to know somebody a little better every course you meet."

Calmer and Less Stomach Problem

”I attended my first course last autumn. I thought I would give it time, I do the exercises and evaluate my results. Somebody told me that the time you put into exercising is an investment. I now get up one hour earlier to exercise and I don’t feel tired despite less sleep. I have become more calm. My concern is not over the same things I used to worry about. I also have some stomach trouble, which has become much better."

Better After a Severe Depression

”You will never be fully learned. I have been training qigong since 2000 and the more I keep doing it, the more I realize I have a lot more to learn. My greatest result from qigong is that I have become much better after a severe depression. After a summer course I noticed during the autumn what an immense improvement I had had. I was able to get out of the "sad-swamp”.

Qigong Helps Against Back Pain and Keeps Your Mood Up

”I have been training for five years. Have pains in my back day and night. My back is now better and numbness have disappeared. Qigong has become an everyday tool and I also feel less angry. It is nice being able to affect ones life, I am getting stronger.”

A Basic Course Provides a Lot

”I have been training for 15 years. I was hooked fairly quickly. I brought a friend with me to the course, I also myself discovered how much a basic course provides. One is never finished learning qigong.”

Tormod Langballe